365 by spuddy


So, I finally finished a project in this site! I think I’ve attempted it maybe five times in the past, with my initial attempt ten or so years ago being my previous personal best at around eight months complete.
Thank you to everyone that followed my project and left comments along the way, it certainly helped to keep me going on the days when I felt like giving up again :)
It was so nice to see familiar faces still here after all this time, and to make new friends too :)

I’m going to take a little breather, but I’ll be back to set myself little challenges here and there, and to finally catch up on the fine work that everyone else is doing.
It has been a pleasure. Congratulations and see you next time
September 1st, 2021  
well done!
September 1st, 2021  
Yeah 365! Don’t be gone too long I have enjoyed your humour.
September 1st, 2021  
Yaaay! Congratulations, that must feel wonderful. Thanks for your support over the year too.
September 1st, 2021  
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