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GET PUSHED partners please see info/ list further down... New followers, I am happy to follow your project back as I love looking at pics and if you care to comment on my work, I will return the compliment and comment back on your pictures too. Please know that I am invariably late in commenting back, and will probably leave you a whole weeks worth of comments all at once.

Ok, so a little about myself. I live in London, UK with my other half. Together we have 3 rescue dogs.

Update - sadly my dear Roddy passed on August 14th 2016 @ 7.28am, so we now have just the 2 rescue dogs.

Another sad update, 2 December 2016 @ 12.58, our dear Jakey left for the bridge.

We currently have just have one dog, our precious Ruby, a boxer who is 12 years young. And yet another sad update - Ruby left for the bridge, @6.30am, 22 August 2017.

I work as a dog walker and I love my job. I love the dogs I walk and I love that where I live there are so many beautiful parks that I can walk in and escape from the noise and concrete that surrounds me all the time. My hobbies are walking and bird watching. I have seen and can identify over 150 different species of birds, some by call only. I am a Christian and a vegetarian. I find it quite amazing that anyone should want to follow my project... My pictures are very variable from day to day, some days good some days not so good. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and appreciated.

June 2015 and so it begins...

I got into photography quite a few years ago, but I have been stuck on the auto functions and getting very frustrated with the quality of my pictures. It was this frustration that finally drove me a few months ago into doing something about it. I started reading books and asking questions on various photography groups about how to use the camera properly. I am still finding my way around how to use the camera "properly" and I still have a lot of learning to do. For the past couple of months I have been using the camera in manual mode and setting it by metering and looking at the hysteria-gram, ha ha just a joke :). I am still learning the relationship between shutter speed and f-stops and any constructive comments on any of pictures would be very, very welcome!

I joined this group because I like the idea of having a picture diary, it gives me a reason to pick up the camera every day and practice with it. I joined to improve my camera skills. I have very little idea about many of the camera techniques I read about and one of the reasons I decided to join in with the "get pushed" challenges to force myself into learning something new, be it photographing something different or a new camera technique. I have very limited editing skills - just basic stuff only, using Photoshop Elements 7/Photoshop CS2. I do not have any "off the camera flashes" nor speed lites, no soft box, no ring flash, no shutter remotes, no filters and no reflectors of any kind, yet... It is just me and the camera at the moment. That said...... I have 3 cameras. My little canon bridge camera - a Power Shot SX510 HS and a Canon 500D and 700D. I also have a little collection of lenses. Tamron f/3.5-6.3, 18-270mm - this is my go to lens for most things and the one I have been using since I started getting into photography. The Canon kit lens EFS 18-55mm, a Canon 100-300mm and a Canon f/2.8, 100mm macro lens which has been a recent buy and one that I am having abit of a love hate relationship with at the moment....!

24 December 2015

I am now 50% of the way through my project. I am quite pleased with my progress. I am very proud of the fact that other than my panning shot, every picture on here has been taken in manual mode. I am also proud of the fact that I have used no filler pictures at all. I continue to battle with my macro lens, I love it, I hate it, etc, lol. My 500D Canon is pretty much retired. I have invested in PSE 14, and no longer have access to PS CS2. For the next 6 months I want to work more on camera techniques - so many things I haven't done yet... and look at editing in a little more detail.

24 June 2016

I did a year - woot, woot! Have learnt heaps and hope to continue learning through the next year too.

Jan 2017

So for 2017, I have decided to try and do BOTH the dogwood challenges - might be abit ambitious.... links here - https://dogwood.photography/52weekchallenge.html & https://dogwood.photography/52weekchallenge2017.html I have a few other ideas bubbling around too... maybe a couple of themed months - a month of hearts for February and a month of bench pictures for November .... I also may do a month of using just my18-55mm lens, I think that would be rather challenging. We'll see what takes me...

June 2017

Can't believe I finished year 2 with not a single filler and have now started year 3! I begin with a new collection of lenses... the sweet 35 and 50 and edge 80 lensbabies :)

My popular page pictures - https://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=stephanies

Useful link/info - http://www.picturetopeople.org/online-photo-effects-and-filters.html http://bighugelabs.com/ http://www.ribbet.com/ www.fotor.com www.befunky.com
https://www.fotor.com/features/goart.html https://www.freeonlinephotoeditor.com/ https://www.befunky.com/create/collage/ http://funny.pho.to/ Ross@Scrivna is the boss of 365 - email - ross@365project.org

****GET PUSHED PARTNERS, please take a sec to read the following, thank you kindly :) ****

Things I am NOT happy to do:

- I will not do anything that involves spinning fire around or water crowns - I don't have the time, patience or the interest to be honest.

- Please can I ask that you do not set me a current competition/challenge as a get-pushed challenge. The chances are I am either already doing the challenge or am not doing it as I do not have the time, right equipment, editing skllls, etc. Thanks.

- I am not interested in doing selfies or human portraiture in general. Portraiture has too many complications for me in terms of trying to find someone to pose and then have them agree to having the picture submitted on-line... Not keen on street photography or candid people shots either, sorry. I feel uncomfortable taking pictures of people without their permission and I am not keen on going up to strangers to ask for it either.

- Oh and lastly, I have done lots and lots of collages (inc diptychs & triptychs) over the years, so unless it is something radically different, please can I ask that you don't set me a push that involves another collage..........

So what can you set me...... well, I can appreciate that I have done a long list of challenges already, so whilst I would love a camera based push (Canon 700D) or an editing push (I have Photoshop elements 14 and Nik collection) if you are still really really really stuck then please give me a word or a phrase/saying and I can use that as the basis for a picture, ok? Thank you :)

List of my get pushed challenges and other challenges to date:

Photograph an object at f/5.6 or lower - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-07-08

Take a picture showing a reflection in water - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-07-13 & http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-07-14

Take a picture using zoom blur - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-07-22

Take a picture of still life in black and white - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-07-26 I really enjoyed this challenge and the following 3 pictures all got converted into black and white....

Take a self portrait - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-08-04 - I used this challenge to look at double exposure

Human portraiture - did not complete for reasons stated above.

Take a picture using leading lines - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-08-19 and the following 2 pictures

Take a picture of "something between what's outside and the human world: a flatlay of 6 objects from garden (or human or nature) that are somehow connected to each other." - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-08-28

Take 3 shots in different ways and make a triptych - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-09-03

Take a kitchen object and photograph it in an unusual way - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-09-09 I used this challenge to look at both manual focus and live view.

Take an abstract - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-09-15 & http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-09-17

Do a diptych on one item of your choice with one picture high key and one low key - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-09-25

Colour isolation/selective colouring - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-01

Take picture of food styled as if it were for a cookery book or magazine article - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-04

Still life of 5 things that define me - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-08

Take a picture that shows "beauty in a concrete jungle" - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-13

Take a picture showing movement [I choose to do intentional camera movement] - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-15

Do an abstract with lots of colour - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-19

A photo of my dogs with a vintage feel to it - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-20

Take a picture from a different point of view - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-28 & http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-10-29 worms/ants pov, and through a rainy window

Black and white landscape - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-11-05

Take a picture of something that is unloved - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-11-18

NOVEMBER 2015 - completed the ONS10 challenge and took pictures that involved - low light, negative space, panning [arghhhh, never again....], macro, nature, black and white and SOOC.

Soft focus technique - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-12-01

Choose a Christmas song or carol to illustrate - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-12-04

Take a picture of public transport street photography - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-12-07

Take a vintage Christmas picture - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-12-18

Shoot something more dreamlike/surreal - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-12-21

Shoot an object using my macro lens - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2015-12-30

Long exposure night shot with light bursts - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-01-05

Recreate a famous painting in a photograph, editing allowed - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-01-13

Take the word "celebration" and interpret it in a photo - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-01-22

Find an inanimate object or something in nature that looks like a face/person and photograph it in a creative way - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-01-25

FEBRUARY 2016 - Flash of red challenge - black and white, low key, high key, colour selection, lots of editing in black and white

Take a silhouette - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-03-03

Take a picture of white on white - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-03-04

Take a portrait "in context". So someone at work, or cooking, or doing a sport or hobby. Try to capture a genuine moment of life in its context." to do a portrait "in context" - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-03-06 - (please see note above.)

Take a picture that features purple, interpret this how you like - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-03-16

Make a collage of the dogs you walk every day - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-03-23

Light painting - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-03-31

Choose one or more of the following words and make a photo using that as subject, theme, or an element of your picture - list in first pic - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-04-06 & http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-04-07 & http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-04-08

Take a picture that shows something old, new, borrowed and blue - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-04-14

Forced perception - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-05-05

Shoot to the challenge of smoking hot - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-05-13 & http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-05-14

Take a picture that shows our love for God in the churches we build - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-05-18

Take a picture inspired by your favourite movie - http://365project.org/stephanies/365/2016-05-28

JANUARY - MAY 2016 - I used my macro lens to work through the alphabet - http://365project.org/tags/macro.alphabet

JUNE 2016 - 30dayswild - a month of nature based pictures

Take a shot of water in motion on longer exposures, to give it that milky look - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-07-05

Take an architecture shot - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201

Take a picture using a home made light box - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-07-27 & http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-07-28

Take a picture of something pure — it can be a person, an object, or a moment - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-08-06

Take a picture in the style of @Northy- http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-08-11

Take a picture that shows contrasts - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-08-19

Take a picture showing water refraction - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-08-26 & http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-08-27

Take a picture of a sepia photo that looks turn of the century - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-09-01

Take a picture that in some ways features the sun - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-09-04 & http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-09-11

Take a shot and make is HDR - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-09-16

Explore different shooting modes in camera - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-09-17

Take a picture of my optics - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-09-29

Take a picture of something funny - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-10-10

Make a collage of a day in my life - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-10-22

Take a photo that represents Halloween - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-10-27 & http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-10-28

Take a picture of an abstract - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-11-08 & http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-11-11#comment-26347447

Take a picture of food photography - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-11-18

Take a picture of 2 of the same colours together - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-11-29

Take at least four photographs of the same object but each should have a different white balance setting - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-12-09

Take a shot that depicts motion, specifically dog(s) in motion - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-12-14

Create a capture that represents in any way a favourite Christmas movie - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2016-12-21

Take a shot of a nightime urban scene - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-01-05

Take an everyday object and place it in an unusual setting - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-01-13 & http://365project.org/stephanies/diary/2017-01-13

In black and white, take a shot of architecture (or architectural detail) - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-01-20 & http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-01-21

February 2017 - a month of hearts - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-02

March 2017 - rainbow month - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-03

Take a shot in the blue hour - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-04-01

Take a shot using free-lensing - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-04-12

Take a shot using minimalist approach - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-04-21

Take a shot that incorporates a frame within a frame - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-05-05

Create a themed word collage - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201

Slow shutter speed - create ghostly & blurred images - https://365project.org/stephanies/diary/2017-05-18 & https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-05-19 AND https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-05-19 & https://365project.org/stephanies/diary/2017-05-19

Create a triptych - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-05-25

Take a picture using the word immigration - https://365project.org/stephanies/diary/2017-06-01 & https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-06-02

Take a shot focusing on roof tops/roof lines in the area in which you live. Shoot in any way that you like, colour or black and white - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-06-06

Make a photo representing the theme poison - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-06-14

Take a shot of something you feel best represents the country/neighborhood you live - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-2-2016-201/2017-06-20

Take a shot with a low point of view (down low looking up) - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-06-26

Take a picture around "a day in the life of...." http://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-07-04

Work with the word "old" -- perhaps photographing something old in a new and creative way or capturing the meaning of old - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-07-20

Tilt shift - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-07-13 & https://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-07-14

Take a shot that shows melancholy - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-07-25

Take a shot of something classical, but either put into a modern environment or presented with a modern twist - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-08-04

Look through your most recent choices and choose one that you can replicate-with your own added twist, (or you can choose one of mine as we have different 'tastes'!)" - 3D ball - http://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201

Take a photo showing contrast, of your choosing, such as hot/cold, up/down, etc http://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201/2017-08-15 & http://365project.org/stephanies/diary/2017-08-17

Illustrate "This is our final choice and there's no going back".(Putin) A random wiki quote - https://365project.org/stephanies/year-4-2017-201