Get pushed - take a shot of something you feel best represents the country/neighborhood you live by stephanies

Get pushed - take a shot of something you feel best represents the country/neighborhood you live

My full push was - "to either take a shot of something you feel best represents the country/neighborhood you live. It can be anything like a street, food, houses. If you fell like this is repeating the previous challenge then you could try some architecture photography.

Today we woke up to chaos in our area. At 4.00 in the morning, a main water pipe burst on the main road (which is at the end of the road shown in picture 1). It was very bad with water flooding all the way along this road and into some people's houses, not ours, I am thankful to say, but our neighbour 5 doors up had a big problem. The police came and closed the main road. They put diversion signs ups BUT no one came to supervise the traffic . You can see in the first picture there is a parked car what you cannot see is that there are several more out of view, you can also see that this road is very narrow.... So, it was crazy time with traffic being diverted down this road from both ends... No one wants to give way... people beeping their horns and shouting at each other.... I asked the workmen asked about supervision on the street, they said to phone the police. Graham spoke to the police, they said they would look into it....

So what has this to do with the challenge, well.

(1) Road works go on all over London as they do in most cities. Mostly they are as a result of re-development, but also because the roads get used so heavily, they get into such a bad state and need to be repaired often. Anywhere there are road works you can guarantee there is also chaos and often rudeness.

(2) Parking.... oh my gosh, parking is pretty much a nightmare in most places in London and worse if you live near a tube station or the shops. It is so bad that many roads are controlled with permits that residents have to pay for and restrictions as to times when parking is permitted.

(3) The houses that you can see in this picture are typical for my area. Mostly they comprise of detached houses, that is houses that stand alone, or semi-detached houses that is where two houses are joined together. The further into the city you get, the more you find high rise buildings and rows of terraced houses that is where lots of houses are all joined together, some of which will be converted into flats or bedsits.

On a more pleasant note, most roads and streets in London have trees and you will often find grassy areas along the roads too, (look at the middle picture behind the road closed sign). This is done to try and balance the densely built up urban landscape with a little nature and beauty.
Thanks for the push @gerry13 :)
June 20th, 2017  
Ha! Looks like my town right now. Road repair season.
June 20th, 2017  
Oh dear, rather a common sight around the country I think Stephanie! Good in b & w
June 20th, 2017  
Looks like such a hassle to deal with. Hope things settle down soon. But great capturing of all the hustle and bustle in your neighborhood at the moment
June 20th, 2017  
our traffic and roads often determine so much of the character of an area. Hope your diversions and closures turn out to be very temporary, but I guess the parking problems will never go away.
June 20th, 2017  
Really interesting triptych and story. I remember really narrow roads in the UK and heavy traffic too.
June 20th, 2017  
So interesting and a lovely triptych
June 21st, 2017  
Peace and chaos, tells the story very well. I hope that no serious damage occurred.
June 21st, 2017  
Really nice shot!i'm g;ad my challenge turned up so creative for you!
My extra comments are :
1. no matter how hard parking is it can't be as bad as it's here in Athens.Unfortunately people here have the bad tendency of parking on the pavements,parking on both sides of a road that is already too narrow,blocking other parked cars temporarily while bying something on the rush.(is this happening in London?propably not)
2.Your neighborhood looks lovely!
3.i can't wait to get the chance to visit London.I will propably love it despite its problems(irrelevant)
June 21st, 2017  
Hi @gerry13 re: 1 nope, that happens over here as well.... :( people put their emergency lights on as well to make it look like they have broken down but the majority of the time it is just so they can go in the shops to buy something. At least here the cars stop voluntarily at crossings to let people cross road though... I remember in Athens no one will stop to let you cross unless you are at traffic lights.

Hope you get to come to London sometime, it is a fantastic place really, so much history and many many photo opportunities.
June 21st, 2017  
@stephanies too bad that this happens in London as well :/ As for stopping to let you cross the street,yes you are right!Nobody gives priority to pedestrians

As for London yes it definitely have a lot of historical places to see and i will propably have to schedule it sometime in the next 1-2 years-before UK and EU part ways so i won't need a passport to get there
June 22nd, 2017  
Worst thing about London is the traffic and the public transport (for me).
Great city but just far too many people.
June 24th, 2017  
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