Day 066, Year 3 - Glasgow, Going By by stevecameras

Day 066, Year 3 - Glasgow, Going By

More light ever.
I heard today that a colleague of mine thinks my photographs are "boring, and samey". I can't help but kind of agree but, I still like doing low-light light trails so will keep doing them :)

I thought some selective colour in post would make it a little bit more interesting.

This is the view from my hotel room, over the weekend while working in Glasgow on the Davis Cup tennis tournament. It's rare that I get a high view of busy roads but in this case got lucky.

Another shot from this view from the next night:

3 good things:

1 - Haggis and black pudding for breakfast
2 - Great days tennis coverage at the Davis Cup which wasn't as long and tiring as the day before
3 - Haggis curry in the evening...I do love haggis :)
effective use of selective colouring
March 10th, 2015  
Just love this with the lines of colour making the whole picture beautiful! fav
March 10th, 2015  
I like the "samey and boring", the creativity you have is very good. Keep up the good work.
March 10th, 2015  
The selective colour works brilliantly here. Fav.
March 11th, 2015  
Well I only wish I could be as "boring and samey" as you. Love your photos.
March 11th, 2015  
March 15th, 2015  
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