I smell a rat by stevejacob

I smell a rat

I had a walk around Priory main lake today for a change and on my way, I met this guy walking towards me with a little ball of fluff walking beside him.
I thought cricky! That's a small dog!
Turns out, he was taking his pet Hooded Dumbo Rat for a walk. After it posed for some nice photos, I had a long chat with the guy as the rat sat on my shoulder.
I think I now know all there is to know about rats.
Super capture fav!
October 28th, 2019  
Dumbo rat. Was someone's pet.

October 28th, 2019  
@hidr Yes Angie and it walked along with him. No lead! It just stayed by his side.
October 28th, 2019  
Now I don't usually like rats. . . but this one is adorable! Great shot.
October 28th, 2019  
What an amazing encounter! Lovely photo Fav
October 28th, 2019  
So cute!
October 28th, 2019  
Cute rat!!
October 29th, 2019  
Amazing and cute!
October 30th, 2019  
Great capture
October 30th, 2019  
Such a cute face, how amazing it didn't run off
October 31st, 2019  
What an amazing encounter.
November 4th, 2019  
So cute. My daughter keeps rats and we did a "rat shoot" around Halloween. Great fun. Lovely photo.
January 2nd, 2020  
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