he's back by stevejacob

he's back

I've not seen the squirrels for a while. The're not happy that I've taken the feeders down and replaced them with my table station but this one managed to find the fat ball I'd left out for the birds
Lovely shot
May 29th, 2023  
How do you keep the squirrels off the table station? For me, trying to do a sort of table set up leads to as much, or even more, squirrel theft than using regular feeders.
May 29th, 2023  
@gardencat I feed less food and hide it in drilled holes in the branches, then cover the nuts/seeds with softened suet pellets. When the suet hardens again, it makes it very difficult for the squirrels to get the the food underneath. It also makes the birds stay longer as they have to dig in the holes with their beaks to get the food
May 29th, 2023  
how lovely
May 29th, 2023  
Great capture
May 29th, 2023  
May 29th, 2023  
They are clever at working out how to get what they want!
May 30th, 2023  
@stevejacob That sounds quite crafty on your part, also sounds like a lot of effort so I hope the birds appreciate it.
May 31st, 2023  
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