HELP!!!  by stimuloog


Where's Sherlock 'to clean up the mess' when you need him?!

Link to original 'bloody shot':

Okay, this shot screams for some (sorry, bit long today) clarification.

I opened the fridge and there it fel: my so long saved and carefully cherished, almost full, big bottle of perfect red beet juice, that had just one purpose: being a good assistant to me whenever I wanted to try to photograph romantic red drops... So far, so not good.

But, when I came to my senses again, at least three, fairly good things came out of this 'bloody mess':
1. My first reaction: NO!!! And I started to panic a fair bit because our old floor tiles ware all red. This floor sucks in everything it sees because it has become quite penetrable over the 65 years. I'm glad it didn't suck me in, considering the fact that I was dripping with sweat and beet juice. Ha! That's a good thing.
But even better is that the photographer in me took over. I grabbed my cell phone (glass cracked under my shoes, also stained red) and made a pic. Bloody boring. So, my hidden Sherlock took over and made me do a crime scene-shoot. When you use the special detection light (the one Sherlock doesn't need but other detectives do) my 'bloody cleaning' wasn't that thorough afterall. 'Bloody stains' everywhere. But, the good thing here is that they add to the pic. So, the other good thing that came out is: I had my pic for the 365-day! :-)

2. It costed me a lot of sweat and (almost) tears but... the floor turned from red, to pink to it's familiar fitting grey-ish color again and had never been so clean before :-) Thanks the Lord for that. So that's a good thing too.

3. Finally, I desperately needed a coffee and a 'bloody well deserved' cookie. So I opened a jar and all the cookies were gone. NO!! I immediately suspected my (normally nice and moderate) husband. What I never do, I did now: I phoned him on the job: "Hi, dear! No, no, nothing is the matter. No, NO emergency (at least not for yóu... HELP!!! it echoed in my head). But, were did you leave that new package of cookies I bought yesterday, dearest? Oh, in your stomach. All of them? Okay... that's all the information I need for now. Thanks. Have a nice day and I love... y... cookies!" He: ???
The good thing here is that I made contact 'from the heart' with my hubby; something I normally wouldn't have done 'on the job'. So that must have been a surprise for a change. Who doesn't like surprises!? ;-)

4. (Is a bonus!) I not only lost calories by cleaning and cleaning and cleaning but also the 'calories-to-come' with the cookies I didn't eat ;-) And that's a good thing, at least for my bódy, but not so sure about my mind. I've heard rumours (that I tend to believe) that say: a package a day, keeps the stress away! ;-)

Oh, wow! What a story and what a mess!
Help indeed!
But you did get a great photo out of it - which is a good thing.
August 10th, 2017  
I'm sorry but that is so funny. Am still smiling now!!!
August 10th, 2017  
@farmreporter @30pics4jackiesdiamond
Now I can smile again, too :-) (I'm still praying, though, for my light greay shoes to become less red...)
August 10th, 2017  
Ah, the things we do for art. Tip for the future: have an emergency pack of cookies in a safe place!
August 10th, 2017  
A wonderful story and cool 😎 processing
August 10th, 2017  
Such a fun narrative. So glad that you found an amusing story in what would otherwise have been 100 per cent frustration and misery. Well done!
August 10th, 2017  
@helenhall Haha, thanks! It was quite shocking in the beginning. Sorry for the knife. I didn't have time to work it al out 'for the best' so fast...
August 10th, 2017  
@helenhall It's all clean now - and I can recommend beet juice for either a romantic or a crime scene... Such a great warm color.
August 10th, 2017  
@peadar I'll keep this tip in mind! Thanks, Peter!
August 10th, 2017  
Good grief - so much blue/red!! All in all it sounds as if you coped very well! Hubby sound like a lovely understanding soul!
August 10th, 2017  
It sounds like quite a day!! :-)
August 11th, 2017  
Well done
August 11th, 2017  
What a stressful story which turned out well in the end. You did some cool processing on this one, too. You find me 'stealing' cookies in my kitchen. I'm too lazy to go searching for some delicacy so I wait for my wife to give me my share.
August 11th, 2017  
Haha, love your story!
August 11th, 2017  
You've told a wonderful tale, so glad something good came of the beetroot free-fall :-)
August 11th, 2017  
Great processing!
August 12th, 2017  
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