Autumn crocus by stowgarden

Autumn crocus

This is the first photo I've attempted in just about a month. In the last 4 weeks I've had both cataracts done so everything is a little out of focus for the moment! I've worn glasses for over 60 years and now I've got to wait another month before I can have a new pair! I must say the ops were very successful and I see such colour and everything is so bright! Never underestimate our wonderful NHS!!
Also in all that time our garden has still had no rain!!! I remember learning in school that the East of England was the driest part of the kidding!! :-)
So pretty!
September 2nd, 2022  
Lovely burst of color
September 3rd, 2022  
Welcome back! Still plenty of vibrant colour in the garden. Beautiful.
September 3rd, 2022  
How very beautiful. Glad the ops went well and hope you're up and at it as normal soon!
September 4th, 2022  
What a lovely picture, and isn't it wonderful to actually *see* those incredible colors?! Cataract surgery is truly a gift; it certainly brings back brightness and colours! It is frustrating to wait to get the new glasses, but you'll sail forward again when you have them! I hadn't seen you for a while and came looking; glad to know you'll be better and back soon!
September 21st, 2022  
September 22nd, 2022  
Lovely capture faV!
September 23rd, 2022  
Yes lovely capture.
September 23rd, 2022  
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