Hat Ornament

The lorikeets seem to favor people's heads. I discouraged them from sitting on my head by putting a snake on my head.
Neat image. Seen how they like to perch on the head, a friend also didn't like this, so he plonked a plastic snake on his head, next thing a kookaburra swooped and grabbed the snake, my friend managed to grab the snake quickly, but the kookaburra didn't want to give it up for a couple of minutes .
posted June 30th, 2016  
Ha ha, I don't think a snake would scare off the lorikeets who visit us, they are so cheeky.
posted June 30th, 2016  
Wonderful fun capture, full of colour , light against a great bokeh background Ron:)
posted June 30th, 2016  
Think I'd rather a lorikeet than a snake :)
posted June 30th, 2016  
He makes quite the colorful ornament! Super cool shot!
posted July 1st, 2016  
Were you afraid they would roost?!
posted July 1st, 2016  
Great shot, you didn't really, did you? Haha
posted July 4th, 2016  
A snake would definitely discourage the Lorikeets. Ha!
posted November 5th, 2016  
@lyndemc Well, looks like I'm not the only one to take a little time out and then return again. Good to see you back posting shots again Denise! Missed you (and the others of course) lots! I'm looking forward to your awesome contributions again.
posted November 26th, 2016  
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