In the Rain by suebarni

In the Rain

Do do do do do do do do do do...
It didn't rain all day ..until we put the camera in the car.
Things I learned:
Photoshoots can get cut very short without notice. We got very wet as we ran back to the car, it came down very hard.
This wasn't the best venue. There was a litter bin and a dog poop bin, ugh. I cloned them out.
I had the camera on the tripod, but not high enough up, hence we can't see his feet.
As we drove away I saw that there was another lamp post further along. We hadn't been able to see it behind the trees. Bet there's no dog mess bin next to it!
The river, which is between me and that railing, is swollen with some recent heavy down pours and is noisy. It was hard to give my model any directions, he could barely hear me. Bet it's quieter by the other lamp post.
It's dark in the park. We hung a torch from the tripod so that no one would walk into it in the dark. We should have taken two torches then my husband wouldn't have had to walk along a path and cross a bridge in the dark.
People walking their dogs in the park at night wear black so you can't see them coming, and when they suddenly appear right next to you at the junction of two paths it's a bit scary!! Even if you have got your husband right next to you. Lol.
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