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I can't quite believe I have been doing this project for over 2 years now, as I am now embarking on Year 3.

I have learnt a lot from this community, as well as being inspired by so many talented photographers out there. I recently joined a camera club, and have bought a second, compact camera so that I can carry it around with me always. My main camera is a Canon EOS M5, which is mirrorless. I like this as it is not too bulky, but is pretty much like a DSLR. I have gradually bought different lenses - a zoom, a macro and a prime, as well as the kit lens that came with it. So I should be able to do anything!

I live in Kent in the south east of England, but am originally from Yorkshire. Both counties have their own beauty in different ways. I don't limit my photographs to anything in particular, just whatever takes my fancy, but I guess most of them are of nature. My home is on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, so I am lucky in that I can dot between rural and urban shots quite easily.

I am always amazed when one of my shots makes it to the PP or the TP. Here is a link to those that have made the Popular Page!