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joie de vivre

black and white version of my five plus two post for the theme "embrace",

sometimes i can't believe that i have reached my 64th year. in high school, my friends and i would pay five centavos (at the time equivalent to an american nickel as the exchange was 1:1) to the old lady who sold cut up fruits just outside the gate for telling us our future. a couple of times i was told i would die in my 50th year. that would've been in 2003. at the time, 50 to us was old. gheez, 30 to us was old! the 21st century was a far off time and place during the 60's.

of course the predictions were a hoax, something you don't give credence to as you grow old and wiser. when my 50th birthday arrived, i didn't even remember those high school days.

the other day i was telling someone that we may yet have to witness canada's 200th birthday (canada celebrated its 150th birthday last weekend). i calculated i'd be 114 by then, wrinkled and pruney, senile and blind, deaf and the way my hair is falling, i'd probably be even bald. or probably not. heck, i don't have one sickness in my body at the moment, and i don't know of anyone over 60 who is not suffering from any kind of disease. okay, so i have arthritis - after 60 years, the manufacturer's defects would inevitably show.

but you embrace old age with a view to enjoying yourself. you're free from the responsibility of raising children, you've earned your life well. old age should not be looked upon as the end to your life, but the beginning of a new life. if you take good care of yourself now, old age would be a lot easier. get rid of the negatives, of the burdens, of the guilt. live your life to the fullest.


tagging this for the black and white challenge of "fashion" (as in clothes and accessories) as i am wearing my boho top and hat and pearls. i don't care if the boho fashion is now passé, i can never tire of it. imagine a nice boho top or dress that you can wear and you can still look good no matter how many buffet meals you've been to? aha!

see here for the low down on the new black and white challenge
you really are forever young - beautiful photo

July 6th, 2017  
Growing old compulsory, growing up optional! I think you've chosen the option! Such a lovely photo.
July 6th, 2017  
I think I'm going to enjoy your many versions of you.
July 6th, 2017  
You look stunning
healthy and happy
July 6th, 2017  
I see your pictures from time to time and this one really caught my eye! You are the same age as me and you look fabulous!! Love the boho look too, maybe it harks back to the hippy era....I love your attitude to life, and you have the health to bring it to fruition. I shall fav this as an inspiration! :-)
July 6th, 2017  
Such a wonderful sentiment. And no, I can not believe you are 64 either looking at this.
July 6th, 2017  
Trés elegante et trés jolie et chic!
July 6th, 2017  
You are so photogenic, this is wonderful
July 7th, 2017  
i forgot that i do have some old age afflictions, like vertigo. :-D
thank you for your kind comments and very generous favs.

@gozoinklings - thanks, CP.

@30pics4jackiesdiamond - as the eldest daughter, i think i grew old first before growing up. or maybe it was the other way around. anywhooo! thanks.

@randystreat - i could be tiring most times! thanks, kathy.

@annied - you got stunned again, eh? sorry about that. :-D thanks, miss annie.

@Cherrill - thanks muchly, cherrill.

@helenhall - the wonders of post processing. :-) thanks, helen.

@grammyn - tu est trés gentille, mon amie. merci bien.

@nicolecampbell - thanks, nicole.
July 8th, 2017  
I'm sorry what, 64? How can that be?!?!?! Lovely story, quite funny :) Great in b&w as well although the color gives it added softness I think... Here's to celebrating Canada's 200th birthday in the future!
July 8th, 2017  
@kerosene - yup! 64 and getting younger. :-D thanks, caroline.
July 9th, 2017  
Beautiful - you seem like a very fun person to know.
July 11th, 2017  
I think you look fabulous- and since I'm only a mere 3 years behind you I'll have to second your thoughts. I don't even think of myself as old yet and I refuse to let my arthritis make me think otherwise! Love your expression- and I say go boho!!
July 11th, 2017  
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