a family at the walking trail by summerfield

a family at the walking trail

from my balcony, i have almost a full view of the school oval. normally, at this time of the year, the soccer matches and practices would be taking place, but with the children commandeered at home for the duration of the self-isolating period, this has largely been empty. i could occasionally catch the joggers and walkers practicing self-distancing, of course. this father and his young daughter are following the mother and two other children ahead of them and obscured by the trees. you wouldn't believe that just beyond this large oval is the don valley parkway, one of toronto's main traffic artery.

promoting the 168th tag challenge which i am hosting. the host's tag words are NATURE and FAMILY. there is a third host's tag word which is CLOUDS. the lowdown is here: https://365project.org/discuss/themes-competitions/43387/this-is-tag-challenge-168

also for the six-word story challenge which i am also currently hosting. for that the lowdown is here: https://365project.org/discuss/themes-competitions/43421/six-word-story-challenge-104

please consider putting in an entry or two for each of these challenges because if you don't i will cry and boy, i am ugly when i cry. 😔

i know, i just finished hosting the artist challenge. but you know how it is, when it rains, it just pours!
Yes it is a totally different feel out there these days. Great image to portray the story of our lives at this time.
April 12th, 2020  
Doing well at maintaining physical distancing.
April 13th, 2020  
What strange times we're living in, aren't we?
April 13th, 2020  
Don't get ugly!!!
April 13th, 2020  
I'm helping to keep those tears at bay Vikki (at least with sixws).
April 13th, 2020  
Wonderful POV!
April 13th, 2020  
Lovely viewpoint, and I like how the figures stand out
April 14th, 2020  
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