hanging garlands

just some garland seen at the cinema. my sister and i had been seeing movies rather often these days. i think she likes the idea that i could buy us senior tickets which is mostly at half price no matter what day. today we went to see clint eastwood's "the mule", about a 90-year old man in the states who had been a mule for a mexican drug cartel for over a decade. now, i've never seen a clint eastwood movie, because he just was never my "type" when i was young. plus i have always liked to see movies that entertain me rather than make me nervous or upset. but there wasn't any nice ones that we could see together so we opted for that. i still am not a fan of clint eastwood.

before the movie, we went to have lunch from a grocery-type store with cooked meals. i was taking my time to order as there was quite a few selection that i liked and couldn't make up my mind. an elderly woman (by elderly i mean she must or has to be a lot older than me) asked me to be quick about it. i gave her a once over, lovely lady, wearing her sunday best dress, expensive coat, lots of make up though, loads of pearls. i didn't move and she started to complain to another older lady behind her, shaking her head, rolling her eyes. later on, i saw her at the olives counter, putting olives on a plastic container, one olive at a time as she sampled each of the different olive preserves. i pretended to survey the olives then i said, "that's cheating, darling. you'll be punished by your maker; remember it could be anytime soon!" she glared at me, and i pointed at the ceiling: "look, you're on camera!"

i was telling the cashier about the lady and i told them to be wary of those well-dressed rich looking old people, they're actually thieves. the cashier said that those are the types who are notorious for things like sampling too much and complaining about prices. oy! it should be noted that we were at an area where the more affluent people reside, and that store certainly isn't a cheap store.

why am i telling you this? no reason at all. just sharing. :-)
A lovely shot of the garland and a fabulous story. You have a knack of keeping us so entertained :-)
posted December 17th, 2018  
So pretty
posted December 17th, 2018  
Lovely light on this! We go to the movies on Senior Days, the tickets are $3 or $4 dollars off though.
posted December 17th, 2018  
I must admit, I am definitely a fan of Clint Eastwood. I have not yet seen The Mule, but it is getting reviews here. I'm sure it is one of his "period" pieces, which are sometimes rather strange.

Vikki, I just love your story. I'm sure Mrs. High Falutty was shocked when you called her out on the olives. Smile.
posted December 17th, 2018  
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