hubcap by summerfield


saw this at the bridge when i went for my walk at lunchtime.

there was a time here in toronto when there was blatant thieving of hubcaps. didn't matter what car it was, so long as the hubcaps are new. where i used to live near the danforth, the cars that were parked overnight on the street at the front of the house never failed to be thieved. (that is poor english construction 🤣)

when i had my first digital camera i was able to record from my bedroom window a guy actually stealing a bmw's hubcap. brazen act as it was in broad daylight. looking left, looking right, casually dropping something, looking the houses, pretending to tie his shoes, took out a long metal rod, and in one quick go, hubcap off, fellow running like heck. about 30 minutes later, i heard swearing and looked out my window. one of the big shots at the medical clinic was stupidly stomping his feet and swearing like a sailor to high heavens because the two right wheels of his bmw were missing their hubcaps. turned out the thief actually came back to get the rear tire's. i went down to my porch to nose around. he asked my nephew who was coming from school if he saw anything. nephew of course didn't. the guy was a pompous ass. i was going to give him the sd card with the video but i changed my mind. then vented his frustration at the cars on either end of him as they parked too close and he had a hard time getting out. he bumped the rear car but without any damage and stepped hard on his gas when he was able to get out.

look! circles!
Circles and found object all in one. Great narrative!
February 8th, 2023  
Love the story and the image
February 8th, 2023  
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