get pushed #55 - story

my get pushed partner this week is sem @semjaja and his challenge is "in one frame capture a piece of story, like a single frame from a comic book, something like that."

a single frame that captures a piece of a story. the story told by the lyrics of the song "cabaret" came to mind:

"i used to have a girlfriend known as Elsie
with whom i shared four sordid rooms in Chelsea
she wasn't what you'd call a blushing flower
as a matter of fact she's rented by the hour.
the day she died the neighbors came to snicker:
"well, that's what comes from too much pills and liquor."
but when i saw her laid out like a queen
she was the happiest corpse i'd ever seen.
i think of Elsie to this very day.
i'd remember how she turned to me and say:
what good is sitting alone in your room?
come hear the music play
life is a cabaret, old chum
come to the cabaret."

i knew there was a reason why i was keeping those old leftover meds from a long time ago; and people thought i had a death wish. yeah, they wish! and i have all these booze in my home because i use them for cooking. hic! hahaha! actually, those are empties except for the little flask of brandy which i use for cooking. honest! hic!

thought i'd get this challenge out of the way this early since it's a holiday today in toronto and i had nothing else to do so i had time to do a set up. i'm planning to go on a one-hour walk after this and then try to go to bed early.

@semjaja - here's my response to your push. hope it fits the bill. thank you.
posted August 6th, 2013  
Love it Summerfield. Looks like a great holiday weekend:)
posted August 6th, 2013  
i'd say you succeeded at this challenge brilliantly ~
btw, you've inspired me to experiment with a selfie like your new profile shot !
posted August 6th, 2013  
Very moving! Fabulous work.
posted August 6th, 2013  
This definitely tells a story! Well done on your get pushed challenge.
posted August 6th, 2013  
I'm smiling now at your great composition and the story! Are those the real words to Cabaret? to read it to John! He said, hmm and smiled too!
posted August 6th, 2013  
that is quite the scene you have created! Nice touch with the hand..your hand? The other was holding the camera? I think a shot of that would be neat to see also =)
posted August 6th, 2013  
@eniaral - yay! do it! do it! or you can do something like this also: you can adjust your exposure to -0.7 maybe. look forward to seeing what you come up with. thank you, laraine.
posted August 6th, 2013  
Well done Vikki. Very creative
posted August 6th, 2013  
Great story interpretation. Good job on the challenge.
posted August 6th, 2013  
@atooner - thank you, amy.

@aurorajane - thank you, aj.

@sianipops - thank you, nia.

@maggiemae - yes, maggiemae, those are the lyrics from the song 'cabaret', at least from what i remember them from a long time ago.

thank you, and i' glad i was able to make you and john smile.

@roth - yes, that's my hand, but the camera's mounted on the tripod for this. thank you, sue.

@bkbinthecity - thank you, brian.

@henrir - thank you, henri.
posted August 6th, 2013  
oh yes, that fits the bill, nicely done. enjoy your day off!
posted August 6th, 2013  
Great response to the challenge .
I was busy inventing a storyline immediately.
Love the lyrics
posted August 6th, 2013  
Ha ha Excellent Rhyming and composition
posted August 6th, 2013  
Very creative!
posted August 6th, 2013  
Very creative, a wonderful story. Very cool processing as well!
posted August 6th, 2013  
Hell this is good
posted August 6th, 2013  
cracked me up...
posted August 7th, 2013  
@cheribug - i'd have added crack but i didn't know how that thing looks like. :-) thank you, my cheribug!
posted August 7th, 2013  
@summerfield (rock salt and a little spoon)
posted August 7th, 2013  
@cheribug - really? hey, how do you know this? hahaha!
posted August 7th, 2013  
@summerfield crime shows.. how else..
posted August 7th, 2013  
@cheribug - crime shows. oh yeah, now i remember. it's the reason why I've become vegetarian.
posted August 7th, 2013  
Wow, awesome response to your challenge!
posted August 13th, 2013  
posted November 5th, 2014  
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