chaos in the mind by summerfield

chaos in the mind

"Sometimes I think I hear voices, sometimes faint, sometimes loud.

The doctor asks 'Is everything okay at home?' I answer yes.

'At work?' I answer yes.

'Financial problems?' Don't we all? Doc looks at me as if to say, just answer, so I say, only when I have no money. Doc rolls her eyes.

'Are you with someone? Are you concerned that you are getting old?' Yes but no; no but yes.

'I'm seriously thinking that you are suffering from depression.'

Doc, what about the voices?

'What about the voices?' Sometimes it's telling me about Virginia Woolf. Doc looks at me like I have three eyes and five noses. You don't know Virginia Woolf?

'Of course I know Virginia Woolf, I read her in college. Is there a history of mental issues in the family?'

I scratch my chin and think. None that I know of, but who knows? Although a long time ago, I continue, we had a neighbour who was hauled off in a straight jacket.

'Were you related to that neighbour?' Hell, no, 'twas just a neighbour. Never even knew the name, I was still little then. Although it could be a relative. You know, my tribe's elders were all very secretive or they were in denial about most things. Doctor stares at me like I should be put in a straight jacket myself. She types something on her computer, prints it and hands me the paper - it is a prescription for Larozapam or some damn thing.

'That should help you calm down and get to sleep.' Buff! and here I thought I just have ear infection or some damn thing. I leave the clinic and thank the nice perky receptionist on the way out."

for the five plus two's 'going mad' theme this week.

also for my get pushed challenge where michelle @momsta challenged me to do image overlay in camera. these are three photographs, one of the lake water, one of red maple leaves, and the moi.

thank you for you visits, comments and favs on yesterday's photo; much appreciated, folks. you're the best!

on PP nov. 1, 2013
Great story and image stack! I hear voices all the is when I reply that I get concerned!
October 30th, 2013  
Those crazy voices will get you everytime. Cool selfie though
October 30th, 2013  
I'm fav'ing for the picture and not that stupid Doctor who was definitely short of a prescription!
October 30th, 2013  
Wonderful capture.
October 30th, 2013  
voices eh?

October 30th, 2013  
This captures beautifully the static inside the head, I think we all have voices really, but for some it is more audible because we are more attuned to it. Its hard to say whether they need tp be listened to or whether they are like dreams. Doctors know only what they are taught which has limited applications. My thoughts although I have no real experience of mental health issues that become a problem....I like the way you express yourself through these selfies.
October 30th, 2013  
Speechless at your brilliance; really you should be published!
October 30th, 2013  
Another very clever shot, it's brilliant how you put all three photos together!
October 30th, 2013  
Love it!! You've really nailed this challenge!
Voices?? I thought that was just me...
October 30th, 2013  
A fav both for the words and for the wonderful image! Beautifully done. I just love your multiple image challenge photos.
October 30th, 2013  
@mikegifford - don't get anymore ideas about this stacking thingie, mike. :-) and oh, i love arguing with me because i always win! haha!

@bkbinthecity - thank you, brian.

@maggiemae - aww, thank you, maggiemae.

@tesssa - thank you, tessa.

@bobfoto - shhhh! at least not gorf sounds, yes?

@kali66 - it's good to listen sometimes. :-) thank you, kali, much appreciated.

@claireuk - you love me! you really love me! thank you, my good friend claire.

@678tabby - thank you, june. i have moments of genius sometimes. only sometimes.

@momsta - hahahaha! thank you, michelle.

also a big thank you, all, for the generous favs. i am so humbled and flattered.
October 30th, 2013  
@sturnus - thank you, carol, both for the comment and the very generous fav.
October 30th, 2013  
Great interpretation od the challenge.
love the little story too.
October 30th, 2013  
@summerfield - gorf?
October 30th, 2013  
@june - thank you, june.

@bobfoto - BANG! that's 'frog' spelled backwards. gotcha there, eh?
October 30th, 2013  
@summerfield - Bahahahaha! thta's funny. (another left behing typo)
October 31st, 2013  
Good job with the overlays and processing! And nice little short-story vignette- two creative presentations in one!
October 31st, 2013  
@olivetreeann - thank you, my good friend.
October 31st, 2013  
Oh this is cool! Love this. Fav! Bang!
November 1st, 2013  
Congratulations on PP, gorgeous shot, love the watery reflections. I don't hear voices, but I do talk to myself out loud (I'm my own best friend)...does that count?
November 1st, 2013  
@amandal - bang! thank you, pretty lady.

@silverlight - horrors!!! my selfie is on PP??? who did that? methinks i better lay low for a while. :-) and yes, cheryl, talking to one's self counts. don't you just hate it when they argue back? ah! thank you, cheryl.
November 1st, 2013  
beautiful selfie... love the image overlay... as for the voices - i expect they have much more interesting things to say than the average person in the coffee shop...
November 2nd, 2013  
...but the voices have such good ideas sometimes!!!!
November 10th, 2013  
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