home is where the sun shines by summerfield

home is where the sun shines

this is his favourite spot - the pillar of an old building on the corner of danforth and monarch park avenues. it's where the sun shines brightest. most mornings. when the sun is shining.

he's always wearing something that looks fresh, from his hat to his coat. here, his clothes seem freshly cleaned.

i notice his hands and face are swollen, i've seen him often i know he normally doesn't look like that.

when you look in his eyes, you know that sanity has been suppressed by something else, perhaps another personality. it is never the same.

one time he saw me in the subway. he stopped in front of me. i didn't recognize him, nor understand what he was trying to say. he was disheveled, dirty and smelly. he smiled and said hello; he made a gesture with his hands, the thumbs and forefingers made into a square. he said "click! click!" he remembered that i once took his photograph. i did. in fact at this same spot on the corner of danforth and monarch park avenues.

our city, our province, our government, embarrassingly, has failed the likes of this man. he should be in confinement until he is cured, if he can be cured. the authorities figured he doesn't try to harm anyone so they let him be. he doesn't know where he lives, he only knows this spot here on the corner of danforth and monarch park avenues is where he can get the best sunshine, in any season.


for the artist challenge, we are celebrating the works of street photographer Thomas Leuthard. shot in black and white.

thank you so much for your kind visits and comments; know that they are truly appreciated.
Fascinating yet sad story! We have a few like him who are not a danger and although they do funny things in the street, are actually looked after at a care home who allow them to wander!
April 24th, 2014  
Very poignant capture. It really is quite heartbreaking.
April 24th, 2014  
He looks like he's really enjoying his spot, I can see a smile on his face. He has a sad story attached though. Hopefully one day someone/the govt figures out a way to better care for and help these people.
April 24th, 2014  
I think most cities fail people like this, because wherever you go you see homeless people, more should be done to help them. I'm glad to see he is enjoying the sunshine in this shot. Great candid photo.
April 24th, 2014  
April 24th, 2014  
Perfect street shot
April 24th, 2014  
super shot, perfectly done in b&w ;o)
April 24th, 2014  
Nice shot! Thanks for supporting this challenge.
April 24th, 2014  
A wonderful candid and sad, but wonderfully told story. Love that he remembers you. Praying for your friend here.
April 24th, 2014  
So many are in his situation . It's so sad . Our country also does not do enough .
April 24th, 2014  
Such a wonderful shot. I'm glad that you know the man that he is today. It is so very difficult for our homeless and mental health cases.
April 24th, 2014  
You see they say the camera never lies but it does, this is a lovely warm shot, a gent relaxing in the warmth of the sun; the narrative however tells such a different story Vikki. I wonder where he sleeps and how come his clothes are always so 'cared' for
Brilliant shot
April 25th, 2014  
wonderful portrait and story - imagine living someone elses life and the things they register and memories they retain - a moment of peace for him but the shadow is approaching and therein lies a threat - love the shadow of the hat too - fav
April 26th, 2014  
Great shot- very moving. Well done in duplicating Leuthard's style.
April 30th, 2014  
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