incorporeal by summerfield


"The lawn
Is pressed by unseen feet, and ghosts return
Gently at twilight, gently go at dawn,
The sad intangible who grieve and yearn...."
- T.S. Eliot in "To Walter de la Mare"

rainy days always get me down. it's been raining all week, and the biting cold just doesn't seem to want to go away. walking home the fog made the surrounding so surreal and for a while it made me smile.

ate my dinner in a hurry, packed my gears in a plastic bag, dressed up and hurriedly walked to the park. all these within 30 minutes of coming home. there's an eerie reddish glow in the west, for the sun had yet to set but the thick clouds and fog hampered the view. it made sense it should be the backdrop for this eerie shot.

and then it started to friggin' pouring rain.

for the five plus two's ethereal theme this week.

thank you, folks, for your kind visits and comments; know that they are truly appreciated.
Very cool shot- and so worth the raindrops!! fav
May 1st, 2014  
oh, you just seem a ghost of yourself. Vicki. In this dreaded rain. We are getting some rain too,but not constant rain. I hope it is not getting you down too much! Very cool "ghosty " pic. I need to try this
May 1st, 2014  
@olivetreeann - wow! thank you, my good friend, especially for that very generous fav. i like it!

@espyetta - aaaargh! 1600 ISO! i was wondering why the heck it was catching so much light. staring at me in the face and i'm not seeing it. the dampness, the greyness and the cold is really getting to me. i've never felt this way about the weather. i seriously think i should move to a place with a more tolerable climate. thank you, MB.
May 1st, 2014  
Awesome, ethereal shot! Great colors, light, and processing! FAV
May 1st, 2014  
Very cool
May 1st, 2014  
Love this picture - it seems to need a story to go with it as well as music! fav
May 1st, 2014  
Brilliant for the theme - totally ghost-like. Well done!
May 1st, 2014  
Love the atmosphere and the light. Very ethereal
May 1st, 2014  
Stunning, fav
May 1st, 2014  
Very ethereal indeed! The trees look amazing against that sky, great processing and great photo!
May 1st, 2014  
So wonderfully ghostly. Love the mood and feel!
May 1st, 2014  
@deburahiru - you so sweet, thank you, deb!

@bkbinthecity - thank you, brian.

@maggiemae - thank you, maggiemae, and for that sweet fav!

@salza - thank you, sally, also for the fav.

May 1st, 2014  
@taffy - thank you, taffy.

@barneyone - thank you, rita, and also for the dav!

@678tabby - thank you, june.

@amandal - thank you, kiddo. now i need to come up with an idea for the lady m!
May 1st, 2014  
Just get some spray and wash;-).
May 1st, 2014  
this looks awesome! Love the glow from the setting sun and the fog
May 1st, 2014  
Wow! Genius!
May 1st, 2014  
A FAV... great shot
May 1st, 2014  
You are so creative and talented, this is amazing
May 1st, 2014  
what a surreal shot, nicely done.
May 2nd, 2014  
@amandal - you done it already!

@ithinkithunk - thank you, Kristen.

@altadc - really ha. thank you, alta.

@lafish - thank you, laurie.

@claireuk - thank you, my friend claire.

@nicholas - thank you, james.

and claire, alta, laurie and james, thank you so much for the very generous favs. really really appreciate it.

but this is really easy to do. just set your camera to a long exposure, say 10 minutes or more, stand in front of the camera and when you can't take it anymore because the camera's taking too long to finish, get the hell out of the frame and presto! you got a ghostly selfie! but of course you all know how to do that.
May 2nd, 2014  
Ah shoot. Hey, what is that pose idea you had for me? I was working on my click shot today. Eeek!
May 2nd, 2014  
This is fabulously composed!
May 3rd, 2014  
wonderful ghostly shot! sorry i missed the outing... work and kids sports are sucking up all my time these days... and it doesn't help that my canon has given up the ghost... hoping to get out this weekend to pick up a replacement...
May 3rd, 2014  
Great ghostly pose Vicki
May 3rd, 2014  
Wow, amazing composition. I love it. FAV
May 5th, 2014  
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