i am out of this world by summerfield

i am out of this world

"and the world is like an apple
whirling silently in space
like the circles that you find
in the windmills of your mind..."

during our rather lengthy flight to san francisco from manila, after watching that movie 'gravity', i had this weird notion that if i look out the window, i'd see an alien's face, or worse, the face of some dead person i know. not that i would be scared. but what if?

on the overnight flight from san fran to o'hare which was our stop-over to toronto, there were a lot of missed opportunities for me with regard to photography. in the beginning of the flight, the sky was clear and the moon cast an eery glow on the lakes and rivers. on the descent to o'hare, downtown chicago's skyscrapers were all dark and you can only make out the outlines of the sears tower and the other buildings while all around the city there was an explosion of lights. when that happened, i had just put away my camera and i hesitated pulling it out again of my bag. but the scene quickly passed through my eyes.

how does this photograph relate to the stories above? absolutely nothing! i just don't have any other stories that would go with this posting. this is just something i wish i knew i could do easily in photoshop.

the photograph of the earth is mine, believe it or not - from last sunday's sojourn at the aquarium with the kids. the moon is mine, too, from mid-april. the selfie i took tonight. processed to death in ribbet.

this is my interpretation of lady macbeth's death. there's a vague indication that she committed suicide when she was overcome with guilt for the murder of the old dude by her hubby macbeth and other subsequent murders that occurred afterwards. well, that's my story and i ain't changing it.

i'm tagging it, too, for five plus two's 'ethereal' theme. i'm leaving the interpretation to you because it's way past my bedtime and i'm not supposed to be up this late. :-P

and to make this into a three-fer, this is also for the six words story challenge #8.

in advance, thank you for your kind visits and lovely comments; know that they are truly appreciated.
Wow, great picture/s and editing. Wish I too was en route to Toronto! Minesing, Ontario is my spiritual home ;o)
May 4th, 2014  
Great fav!
May 4th, 2014  
I like this, lots of different elements to take in. Loved the narrative as well!
May 4th, 2014  
It's wonderful how you merge photo's like this! It looks amazing!
May 4th, 2014  
Playing catch with the earth and moon- reminds me of a children's book. Fun processing!
May 4th, 2014  
I like this. It's amazing to me just how many "missed opportunities for photography" there are around in the world. Sort of the good news and bad news both about looking at world with a camera in hand. Mostly the good news, sinceI'm not sure I would have noticed half the scenes if I weren't constantly thinking about photos.
May 4th, 2014  
Great editing you crazy lady :D
May 4th, 2014  
very welldone. inspired
May 4th, 2014  
@deburahiru - hahaha! thank you, deb.
May 4th, 2014  
Awesome. A fav!
May 4th, 2014  
And I meant this to be from me...fav!
May 4th, 2014  
Nice! well done getting 3 themes done too
May 4th, 2014  
You made this so fantastic!
May 4th, 2014  
Oh wow!
May 4th, 2014  
Oh wow!
May 4th, 2014  
This is brilliant, nice work
May 5th, 2014  
fun shot
May 5th, 2014  
beautifully done! (and i love that song, btw)
May 5th, 2014  
I love how your mind works, I love this
May 5th, 2014  
@barneyone - is that right? well, when you come down, let me know and we'll do a photo walk about :-) thank you, rita.

@ziggy77 - thank you, jo, as well for that wonderful fav.

@salza - thank you, sally.

@678tabby - thank you, june.

@olivetreeann - not really fun, the result looks ridiculous and so fun, but the process was tedious.

@francoise - hahaha! thank you, francoise.

@june - thank you, june.

@madhatters - thank you, MH and for the generous fav.

@amandal - thank you, kiddo, also for that generous fav.

@kali66 - thank you, kali.

@altadc - thank you, alta.

@daveanajao - thank you, dave, also for the generous fav.

@wenbow - thank you, wendy.

@lafish - thank you, laurie.

@northy - thank you,kiddol

@sarasdadandmom - thank you, terry.
May 5th, 2014  
Oh I like this, rather special
May 6th, 2014  
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