visiting the house of the lord by summerfield

visiting the house of the lord

we had our fire drill this morning and our assembling place was the st. james cathedral park. the cathedral was wide open, all doors on all sides.

i don't know how i had walked down 36 floors then walked five blocks to the assembling place was beyond me. when i had rested, i cased the church and saw there was a couple up at the altar taking photos. if i wasn't expected back at the office tout de suite, i would've explored the whole cathedral with my camera. however, i noted that as soon as i stepped inside the church proper, i had a dizzying feeling because of the dimness of the place. the first time i noticed that i seem to have a phobia of dark places was when i was in the church near louise's house in lunenburg. i felt short of breath instantly and my head started to swim. so i made a rather hasty retreat as i didn't want to pass out. so i only took a few token photos.


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A beautiful token photo. Fabulous composition of the beautiful stained glass windows
September 28th, 2017  
Most impressive!
September 28th, 2017  
I think it's gorgeous- I'd be there for a while photographing that stained glass window. Too bad about the reaction to the dark. I think most of the time sanctuaries are a bit brighter. For a few quick shots, this is very impressive as Taffy said!
September 28th, 2017  

A great composition and capture of the beautiful windows.
September 28th, 2017  
Wonderful stained glass windows. I agree with Ann and Taffy - very impressive
September 28th, 2017  
This is very peaceful and wonderful!
September 28th, 2017  
I hope you can go back to see it again, when it is lighted up. My church sanctuary is very dark with the lights off, even during the day.
September 28th, 2017  
I love the windows.
October 1st, 2017  
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