queen of the nile by summerfield

queen of the nile

for week 40 of the 52-week challenge, the challenge for the vision category is "classic novel". i've been wracking my brain what classic story is easy to portray that would require less work as i seem to be always cramped for time. i've put off the assignment and had plans of entirely skipping that week. then i had a eureka! moment today when i was lazing around.

you see, last week, five plus two's theme was 'ancient history' and i portrayed cleopatra. and i thought why can't i use one of the other shots. so i did. i had all intentions of portraying her death, holding a snake to her bare breast. however that was not entirely possible. one, there is no freaking way i am baring my breast, and two, one prop i shall never have is a snake. i did look at a rubber snake at the toy store but all looked so real i couldn't even bear to touch one, let alone spend money on it and bring it home. ergo, this pose serves the purpose of the challenge.
Are you sure it isn't queen of "denial"?! LOL! Beautiful model and photo!
November 6th, 2018  
Queen of the Nile !!!!
November 6th, 2018  
November 6th, 2018  
A great capture of the Queen, love her jewellery ;-)
November 6th, 2018  
Looks very Cleo-like to me, nicely done my friend. I'd pass on the baring bit and the snake too.
November 6th, 2018  
Excellent use of your time and camera
November 6th, 2018  
You are a perfect Cleopatra.You must have a room full of props...except for a snake.
November 6th, 2018  
Such a lot of effort you put in for 365 (unless of course that's how you normally make up and dress yourself?) Puts me in mind of The Queen of the Night (from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute. How's the voice? It demands vocal gymnastics from a Soprano!
November 6th, 2018  
Long live the Queen of Selfies!!!
November 7th, 2018  
You have so many props for your photos. This is a great selfie.
November 8th, 2018  
Great shot, great props and the background is super!
November 15th, 2018  
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