not a movado watch by summerfield

not a movado watch

a few sundays ago at church, a very elegant lady approached me to say we have exactly the same "movado" watch. i laughed because it is not a movado. she was surprised when she looked closer and realized it was indeed NOT a movado. a movado watch is identifiable by its white circle in the 12 o'clock position. i told the lady that mine is a freebie from a cosmetic company. i've been wearing this since the spring and i always get kudos at how pretty and classy it looks. since that lady asked if it was a movado, i've been intrigued. and then i want a movado watch (like it's not enough that i have 12 watches that i don't always wear -- it used to be 17 but i gave away the least expensive ones). so i searched online to give me an idea of the price. and now i don't want a movado watch. i'll stay with my freebie, thank you very much.

because who wears a thousand dollar watch, for heaven's sakes!

sorry you get to view a self-portrait today. and speaking of self-portrait, we got peanut butter over at five plus two. come have some:
Free watches are a great boon to the photography gear budget ;) And it is a very classy looking watch!
September 19th, 2019  
A gorgeous selfie and wonderful focus on your watch.
September 19th, 2019  
Wonderful selfie , you’re one gorgeous lady, and charming watch
September 19th, 2019  
Well edited!
September 19th, 2019  
I love this. A lovely selfie, Vikki. Your watch is beautiful!
September 19th, 2019  
What a great selfie!
September 19th, 2019  
I'd stick with your freebie too. It does, indeed, look classy. As does the owner.
September 19th, 2019  
I like how you focused on the watch and softened your face. Well done.
September 20th, 2019  
Wonderful pic, nice focus!!
September 21st, 2019  
That's a lovely watch
September 27th, 2019  
Mice selfie and great to ‘watch’ ;)
October 1st, 2019  
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