hanging in mid-air by summerfield

hanging in mid-air

an air canada plane takes off from the downtown island airport with the setting sun behind it.

the prompt is "stop motion" using shutter speed of 125 or more. not a very creative entry but such is life when things, high priority and imperative they might seem, get in the way of photography.

today, i brought my excesses to the church for our fall sale on saturday. three of them were a set of framed chinese tapestry which were given to me by the first mr. summerfield from one of his business trips earlier in our courtship. i just realized now that i never took a photo of them. i still remember how they look but i must make a note to shoot them when i go on wednesday to help out with the preparation. they were rather heavy and i have not hang them for 25 years so i thought i wouldn't be needing them, let some other people buy them and perhaps enjoy them. but realizing the sentimental value, it made me feel a little bit sad. but the first mr. summerfield was part of my long-gone youth. i can't hold on to a lot of stuff anymore. as it is, the large suitcase i brought was brimming with clothes that i have never used, some still in their original wrappings, never made it out of them and had been hanging in the closet, thinking i might need to wear them someday. along with those were four boxes of books, knick-knacks and stuff.

i'm still on the fence whether i will donate my other china set, with intricate trimmings, all of 8 settings and complete with serving pieces. what a quandary, eh? for someone who grew up with nothing. the irony is that my spare room is still filled with boxes that i still have to go through, and my closet is still crammed with clothes i am not willing to part with. i am definitely going to hell!

keep the china...... lol
October 22nd, 2019  
Love the light hitting the buildings
October 22nd, 2019  
A bit of surrealism in the photo, especially in the coloration, but definitely all-too-realism in the narrative!
October 22nd, 2019  
Lovely shot and great narrative. You do seem to be in a bit of a spot. I am fortunate to have a daughter that takes my clothes (I have far too much) back home with her when she comes from London over the holidays. They all fit her and she looks lovely in them ;-)
October 22nd, 2019  
Nice shot, my moving around the world helped me get rid of things on a regular base. The allowed container space only allows so much ...
October 22nd, 2019  
Well you stopped the plane’s motion perfectly! 😊 At least you’ve started clearing things out. I plan to begin that arduous task early next year.
October 22nd, 2019  
Nice action shot, light
October 22nd, 2019  
Beautiful shot. Good luck with your decluttering, I aim to halve the stuff in my life next year
October 23rd, 2019  
you got a great capture through your no nonsense interpretation of stop motion.
October 26th, 2019  
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