bedazzle by summerfield


this is a cluster of ornaments suspended above a water fountain in the concourse of brookfield plaza, one of the skycrapers in downtown toronto. its conical shape suggests the shape of a Christmas tree.

getting down to the wire for those who are excited over Christmas. i know for one thing the grands are excited because they received the package i spent forty dollars to have it couriered to them. put a scintilla of a dent on the pension funds, but what the heck, they're special people to me. besides if i suddenly croak all that pension money goes to them anyway. and if suddenly croak, i won't be able to bring that pension with me because where i end up i wouldn't need the money, now would i?

monthly theme finalist:
What a remarkable sight!
December 24th, 2019  
Lovely image! You aren’t going to croak, you look so healthy in the photos I’ve seen of you on 365! I’m with you, enjoy your money, if you want to give your grands something special, just do it! I’m close to getting everything done, lots of last minute hustle tomorrow though!
December 24th, 2019  
The photo is wonderful on the black background. I'm sorry you can't be with your grandchildren this Christmas. Hope you have some fun alternative plans.
December 24th, 2019  
This is quite spectacular!!
December 24th, 2019  
Wowzier that's amazing
December 24th, 2019  
Lovely shot, looks wonderful on black
December 24th, 2019  
Don't croak!!

Fab upwards looking shot
December 24th, 2019  
December 24th, 2019  
Wonderful! :)
December 24th, 2019  
Love this angle. It's raining baubles!
December 24th, 2019  
Merry Christmas to you And your family
December 24th, 2019  
That truly is spectacular! Superb PoV that looks awesome on black!
December 26th, 2019  
Fantastic image!
January 2nd, 2020  
How cool is this! I'm definitely dazzled :)
January 3rd, 2020  
AMazing subject and POV!
January 13th, 2020  
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