there's a face in the sky! by summerfield

there's a face in the sky!

more cloud shots for today as i didn't go out of the apartment at all -- just tidying up my living room which by now is a lot more cluttered than when i started this morning. first of all, i thought today was sunday and i was preparing the other laptop so i could attend the zoom service. it's because i was off yesterday and ran errands that i would normally do on a saturday so when i woke up this morning, i had it in my head that it was sunday. the days are all blurring to me now.

this afternoon, there were more cloud formations south, southeast and southwest. my neighbours and the occupants of the building across from us must be thinking i am nuts to be taking photos of the sky and the skyline at least four or five times a day. or maybe they're thinking i'm taking photos of them.

i think i like doing surreal composites, but i need a model as it is not really easy to be photographing oneself. i'd need to run back and forth to check if i had the right perspective and it gets to be tiring, mind you.

when i saw the image of the face in the clouds, i knew i had to do this so i had to dig out some old also-run self-portraits. and le voilà.
I see the face - but it is not nearly as pretty as yours!!
Very well done.
BTW - I know what you mean about the days blurring together. I would be really confused if it were not for the Weekly SH*T list on Thursday and my Camera Club virtual meeting on Fridays to keep me on schedule!
June 28th, 2020  
Yep! There’s a face there. It’ll do in a pinch, but I hope whoever ran off with yours returns it. You’re certainly on a roll with the sky pics.
June 28th, 2020  
I love your gray hair, keep rocking it!
June 28th, 2020  
Love it
June 28th, 2020  
Magritte à go-go
June 28th, 2020  
Ha ha! Awesome “faffing”!
June 28th, 2020  
Impressive to see it to start with and excellent execution!
June 28th, 2020  
Great abstract
June 28th, 2020  
Very creative
June 28th, 2020  
A great "face" cloud, too.
June 28th, 2020  
You seem to be suffering from a bad case of pareidolia - the tendency to see a face in inanimate......oh, wait. Nevermind!
June 29th, 2020  
certainly raised a smile with this one. Enjoying your cloud study.
June 30th, 2020  
Brings a whole new image to the statement- she's got her head in the clouds!
July 5th, 2020  
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