"adore" by summerfield


i don't get it, really i don't. what would compel anyone to leave their shirt on the side of a busy road? what were they doing? what were they thinking?

on my walk this morning, i almost didn't see it. it only registered in my peripheral vision when i walked past it. then i did a double take and debated if i should take a photo or not. of course i should! so i backtracked a few steps and took a couple of shots. there were already quite a few cars and one honked as i was taking photos. they must think me crazy to be taking photos of discarded clothings. but i especially liked that it was next to the scribbled word "adore". we'll see if it's still there tomorrow.

so far we have a red sleeveless shirt, a red jacket, a light coloured pair of pants and now, this.

question for you: if during one of my walks i would find a dead body (of a human being), should i take pictures or call emergency/police first? do i even want to take a photo of a dead body? 🤣
Well... you DO take pictures of various scattered rags. Why would a dead body be different? Of course, first you call the police and until they arrive, you can take a few shots.
September 19th, 2021  
You seem to be a magnet for discarded clothing lately.

Probably call emergency first, after all the body isn't going anywhere
September 19th, 2021  
Adore = love and respect. Obviously not not when discarding clothes like this. Sweet little blue flowers lower left.
September 19th, 2021  
You can almost collect a whole outfit......
September 19th, 2021  
You definitely should take the shot first! It could be documentation of something important! After all there is nothing you can do to help that person except call the police.

This is a fantastic photo especially with the juxtaposition of the writing on the guard rail! FAV.
September 19th, 2021  
I agree with @monikozi

I've always been curious as to how items of clothing, including shoes wrapped around the phone/electric lines, come to be where they are and how people can afford to "lose" them.
September 19th, 2021  
I just love your photos and stories. I laughed that you posed the question about photographing a dead body. I absolutely would take a photo! 😊
September 20th, 2021  
..................... and then splash it all over FaceAche, Flitter and Instagravy!
September 20th, 2021  
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