and the leaves that are green turn to by summerfield

and the leaves that are green turn to

red. katy @grammyn said last year that she hasn't seen a red leaf in person (but in actuality, she has). it occurred to me that i should have taken a series of shots of this bush and documented its change of colour from deep green to bright red. there are three of this bush side by side at the corner of the street where i wait for the bus.

so katy, this is for you.


i'm still giddy over the results of my bloodworks from yesterday's meeting with the diabetic management people. i went to see my naturopath doctor at lunch today (i worked at the office today) and gave her a copy of the lab sheet with the results. she was very happy but she asked if i will continue with my diet or will i stop right here. i said i will continue it for another three months and see what progress more i can achieve. but i will be a tiny bit more forgiving if i 'stumble' although i don't think i would have an issue because i'm so used to what i'm eating now and my routine. so in february, i will go and see my family doctor and request for a further blood test.

i lost another 1.5 lbs since the last time my naturopath doctor weighed me. 132 lbs. she wants me to get to 130 lbs which is the ideal weight apparently for my height. i said i want to get to at least 125-128 lbs so we'll see.

@wyomingsis i will reply to your shoutout tomorrow.
Good lass!
Nice shot!
October 15th, 2021  
A pretty red on these leaves.
October 15th, 2021  
How beautiful!
October 15th, 2021  
Awww! You are too good to me! This is glorious color! I shall have to look more closely this year and see if we get anything like this here! Thank you!
October 15th, 2021  
Pretty capture
October 15th, 2021  
Beautiful looking plant, amazing colour
October 15th, 2021  
Beautiful. Is that a fire bush.
October 15th, 2021  
In my observations there are more red leaves as one travels north. Katy ( @grammyn) may be correct that she's not aware she's seen any. Usually here, which is quite a bit north of Katy, it's shrubs that have the red leaves rather than the trees. This is a beautiful view of all those red leaves. Once again, congratulations on your success. Keep up the good work. The thing I've found, to my disappointment, is that one can never let one's guard down.
October 15th, 2021  
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