so what? it's a mercedes! by summerfield

so what? it's a mercedes!

today, manila is being battered by a 'high pressured' disturbance and the rain wouldn't let up till now. i had to register at the canadian embassy as i will be going out of town so we drove down to the embassy in the district's financial centre amid the horrendous rush hour traffic. saw different peculiar situations traffic-wise, but today, this photo takes the cake! a mercedes benz van/suv with a broken back window.

the broken window had been replaced by clear plastic bag with clear packing tape and duct tape. by the looks of it, it seemed to me that it had been there for quite some time and it might be that the owner can't afford or can't find a reasonably-priced replacement. but who cares? it's a mercedes, after all.

thank you for commenting on my posts and i apologize if i hadn't made it to your album, yet. things are getting hectic around here and tomorrow, hopefully, i shall be able to post better subjects than this one. i just hope there is signal on the islands.
Good street capture. This is real life.
November 15th, 2011  
hahahaah! oohh yeah! =))
November 15th, 2011  
LOL Love it!! Great capture and great way to use duct tape!! :)
November 15th, 2011  
Wow that must been some rain storm
November 15th, 2011  
very interesting to see pics of your travel experiences. hope you're enjoying yourself!
November 15th, 2011  
Funny shot! ~ Sounds like crazy rain! ~
November 15th, 2011  
That is a creative fix -- !!! Be safe! Have fun!! Don't worry about comments -- you can catch up later! Always good to find your pictures!
November 16th, 2011  
Saw a show once where they basically repaired the complete body of a car using duct tape- so this is no surprise really! Good catch!!
November 16th, 2011  
yes, but it is a mercedes with a summerfield bumpersticker. . .how many can say that!
November 16th, 2011  
haha nice find Ms Summer!!
November 17th, 2011  
needs must I guess! pity about the rain....but there will be more sunshine to come I am sure
November 19th, 2011  
You certainly would not find something like that here. Nice find
November 26th, 2011  
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