calico flower by summerfield

calico flower

we are going to london (ontario) tomorrow to see our little granddaughter as we weren't able to go on her birthday. i'm so excited because i bought her a sailor dress with a hat and shorts and we can't wait to see her wearing it. i went around today getting other stuff for her and her big brother. the streetcar i was on passed by the allen gardens (remember my hydrangea photos last month?) and on impulse i got off to see what plants and flowers they have on display as i know the hydrangeas are already gone by now.

lots of beautiful flowers which names i don't know and just when i was about to leave, this thing caught my eye. well, kinda hard to ignore it because they're huge. these unusual flowers are calico flowers, of a vine native to brazil called "aristolochia elegans". the large heart-shaped flower has intricate purplish-brown markings. looking at it closely, i sort of remembered that i had a skirt with similar print back in college and the dressmaker told me it was calico fabric, although the websites i've looked at do not give any indication that they are connected or related.


second day of "30 Days In June Monthly Challenge" by @olivetreeann. you can find the rules here, if you wish to participate:

my post for the "june word" challenge:
what an amazing flower!!!! It's beautiful!!
June 3rd, 2012  
Interesting looking flower! I am excited for you that you will see your granddaughter! It sounds like you are going to spoil her and her brother.
June 3rd, 2012  
Glad you got off. What a great looking flower
June 3rd, 2012  
that's a strange looking bloom and a great shot
June 3rd, 2012  
What an interesting flower! Pretty patterns on the petals. I hope we get to see your granddaughter's new outfit :)
June 3rd, 2012  
Wow amazing flower.....dare I say it....I wouldn't say it is pretty!!! nice markings though
June 3rd, 2012  
What a great shot and a huge flower!
June 4th, 2012  
That is a bizarre looking plant! Very interesting and nicely captured- perfect for the Saturday challenge.
June 4th, 2012  
I have never seen one of these, have a great time visiting the grand kids.
June 5th, 2012  
Those are big and bizarre! Very cool! The print does resemble the American West calico....
June 6th, 2012  
Amazing flower and capture. They must be huge. I think I've seen similar one's on here before, but never in person. I really should head to the botanical gardens in NYC one of these days. See what I can capture.
June 8th, 2012  
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