ruth sketches

tonight, i was one of the presenters at the "toronto's totally unknown writers' festival" presented by life rattle where writers' works are given a chance to be heard where those works are shunned or rejected by the mainstream media. the festival began 20 years ago five years after life rattle press and radio were founded by arnie achtman and guy allen. arnie achtman was my writing mentor until he passed away in 2005.

at the festival i had the honour of presenting one of the better writers i've met in the last few years. i also was asked to take photographs of the event. during one of the readings, i turned around to the lady seated next to me. her name's ruth and she's a friend of another fellow writer in the group. ruth is an artist, and i captured her sketching one of the readers. it would have been easier for her to have taken out her cellphone and took photos but as a true artist, ruth stuck to her own artistic medium. suffice it to say, i am so impressed!

the photo's too grainy but that couldn't be helped as it was quite dark at the venue so i had to up my camera's ISO. the noise, however, added a rather engaging effect as in an old photograph. i had to adjust the D-lighting in-camera as well as converting it to black and white, also in-camera.

thank you for your kind visits and comments; know that they are truly appreciated. please forgive me if I've not made it yet to your albums. it's almost one in the morning and i have an early morning meeting.
I like the low lighting it adds a little something
posted November 21st, 2013  
Great shot of her work - looks like she's very talented, so who needs a camera! :) Sounds like a fun festival too.
posted November 21st, 2013  
Such talent to be able to draw like that. Wonderful depiction and the graininess works in its favour.
posted November 21st, 2013  
Really cool way to capture it. Sounds like a really fascinating set of presenters!
posted November 21st, 2013  
very proud of you young lady
posted November 22nd, 2013  
I love the effect as well. Nice in black and white. Congratulation on your speaking engagement, I'm sure you were a treasure as you are very talented.
posted November 25th, 2013  
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