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This is my 2nd time around with 365. My first project began on September 14, 2014 and I kept it up for the whole year. I was going to go again for a 2nd year, but we became very busy with our home in Florida.

In January 2017, we moved back to Canada and now reside in a quaint little village located on the shores of Lake Erie called Ridgeway. We are acclimating to the Canadian climate and miss our friends from the south.

I have a Nikon D7200 and it's been very good to me over the past year. My project this time will begin on October 1st. Until then I'll upload a photo a day through September that are my favs from this summer. Looking forward to catching up with those that have hung on to 365 all these years.


I am a wife, Mum and grandmother of three cute grandkids, Kieran, Lexie and Avery. Photography has been my passion for so many years. And I strive all the time to be better and better with my photos. I also love to put together slideshows for the family. I live with my sweet husband, Bernie in SW Florida. We arrived here two years ago. My boss, from Texas, asked me as to why I was moving to "God's Waiting Room". We loved Texas and do miss it. We originated from Toronto, Canada and our family lives there while one of our sons still lives in Texas. We also have a son in Calgary, Alberta - beautiful country and as I found out recently, you can fill a large memory card in no time! Lots of photo ops.

I joined Project 365 as it turned out that this was my New Year's Resolution for 2014. My newest grandchild, Avery, arrived on January 12th. It was my goal to take one photo every day, but, doing it on my own, I did not keep up the challenge. I was browsing the internet one night and found this site. Now I have goal, I have a plan and with this site, I have the challenge to keep up daily with my camera and taking pictures. But what I most like about this site is learning from all the wonderful people that are part of this amazing project.

Love it!

You can find me on Facebook at: http://facebook.com/SusanAlena2310