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Update January 2022: I’ve decided to start again. I’m so disappointed to find that all my photos and friends from April 2015 have been deleted. There was an email last year giving me the option to upload a photo in the next 7 days to keep my account alive but I didn’t see it. My husband saw it but forgot to tell me :( from 2015:Inspired by our niece (about 3 years ago - she's got skill!) and our oldest daughter (about 2 years ago for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze - she's also got skill! :-) ), I'm joining the 365 project now that my phone has a camera AND I can upload to the website directly. I am really enjoying taking a photo-a-day. :-) It's fast becoming a photo diary of my year and I would love to print them all out or make a photo book at the end of the year. I enjoy browsing other people's photos, but don't have a lot of time. THANKS everyone for sharing your photos and ideas - VERY motivating!