Barton on Sea....... by susiemc

Barton on Sea.......

........with the Isle of White in the distance.

This was taken last week when we were visiting relatives in New Milton, Hampshire.
For Joanne @gardencat I must point out the beach huts. A little while ago I posted a photo showing beach huts in Devon and Joanne asked what they were and what they are used for. I'm really sorry Joanne that I didn't answer your question at the time. I always meant to. Beach huts are a very British thing and many seaside resorts have them. Some are privately owned and some are owned by the council. They can be hired either on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. They are literally sheds with no electricity or running water but the privately owned ones are often lovely (you can see inside as you walk past) and look very comfortable. A lot of them have camping stoves and nice seating. people just use them while spending a day, or week, at the beach. They are often brightly painted.
It's interesting that a beach hut in an upmarket resort like Southwold in Suffolk can cost as much as a house in some towns. Personally I've never had any wish to own or hire one but they're very photogenic πŸ˜‚.
I have never been as far south as that so good to see how near the Isle of White is to the mainland. I love a row of beach huts!
November 22nd, 2021  
Thanks for the explanation. So people would not spend the night there? Just a nice place to keep your things or maybe a refuge from the sun or wind while there? I wonder why they haven’t caught on in other places. Nowadays some Caribbean places and upscale resorts do have β€˜cabanas’ that you can rent that maybe serve the same sort of purpose but they are mostly just made of fabric.
November 23rd, 2021  
Beautiful scene & i love beach huts too
November 23rd, 2021  
Lovely shot of the beach with the walkways, the huts, and the Isle of White on the horizon. (And thank you, Sue, for explaining about beach huts. What a wonderful tradition!)
November 23rd, 2021  
Lovely capture and a place that I would like to be. FAV
November 23rd, 2021  
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