Evening Primrose by susiemc

Evening Primrose

The friend who gave me the poppy seeds from which the flowers that I posted yesterday grew also gave me some evening primrose plants a few years ago. Like the poppies, some evening primrose appear every year. These are the first of this years flowers. Unfortunately each flower only lasts a matter of hours. I noticed these at 7.00 a.m this morning as I was doing my early morning garden inspection while drinking my tea. I went to get my camera because I knew they wouldn't last long. I think they're so pretty and I just love the colour.
So beautiful and delicate - such a gorgeous lemon/yellow colour - Such a shame the flowers are so short lived !
June 23rd, 2022  
Gorgeous, aren't they? They decided to grow in my garden last year and this year I seem to be in for a wonderful display as they have spread thenselves. Very welcome.
June 23rd, 2022  
Pretty! A lovely yellow! (I had no idea they lasted such a short time. You did well to get this shot, Sue!) Fav
June 23rd, 2022  
It's a lovely, lemony, yellow.
June 23rd, 2022  
These are a marvelous flower. A friend of ours has four plants growing in his front yard. He invited us over to watch them open which only takes a minute or two. I videoed one as it opened. I'm going to try again only from a different angle.
June 24th, 2022  
June 25th, 2022  
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