Human or Other Being? Photo 2 of 2. by sutlivesam

Human or Other Being? Photo 2 of 2.

Oconee County, Ga., a nod to FivePlusTwo Theme of selfie turning into alien or other creature. October 27, 2022.

These medal pieces are part of what makes a stick shift work on a 1985 Volvo station wagon. They had been cleaned and converted to children’s toys to put on wood pegs on a wood panel and are able to swing and turn. That was a few years ago. Then yesterday(October 30) I turned them into tool apparatuses to become something other than human.
LOL! Quite the imagination!
October 31st, 2022  
@marlboromaam Thanks. My dad made the car parts into toys. He is an Everyman handy man and has a lot of neat ideas when it comes to being creative in making home made tools and toys.
October 31st, 2022  
@sutlivesam That's a fabulous talent to have!
October 31st, 2022  
Very special
October 31st, 2022  
Neat alien look and fun story
November 1st, 2022  
fyi your tag needed to be fiveplustwo-macabre our tags always start this way and need the hyphen
November 1st, 2022  
Your creative skills have a lot of promise!
December 21st, 2022  
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