Victoriana by swillinbillyflynn


Penny reds..... one of the earliest stamps which cost one old penny. Which is exactly 0.416666666666667 new pence.

A penny back in 1866 would have the equivalent value of about £1.82 in modern day terms, thus proving that the postal service is much cheaper to use today than it was in Victorian times.

However a mint condition uncirculated 1866 Victorian Penny is actually worth about £450 to a collector today.

A good condition Penny Red with post mark would be worth about £20 to a collector.

It is also worth noting that if you had invested one penny in a saving account in 1866, the compound interest over the past 150 odd years would make you an exceedingly wealthy person by now.

I find it quite fascinating to see the different values that things have depending on how you look at them.........

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