Self Portrait by tdaug80

Self Portrait

My get-pushed partner challenged me to try split lighting. I'd never heard the term, before. That's one of the things I love about get pushed. It introduces me to techniques that I didn't even know were techniques.
@overalvandaan Here is a split-lighting photo in response to your challenge. I wonder if this might have been more effective in B&W. I might try that and put it in my alternates album.
June 25th, 2019  
great display of split lighting
June 26th, 2019  
I will have to go and google it now - I love that about this site too. Always learning new terms and ideas! Nice to see your face :)
June 26th, 2019  
Well hello to you! A great shot with perfect split lighting!
How many shots did it take to get this one so perfect?
It's A FAV!
June 26th, 2019  
I am not able to comment on the technique, which I do not know, but the result is quite striking.
June 26th, 2019  
Well executed Tim! Did you use natural window light? I think black and white would work really well, try it :-)

If you like to experiment with lighting some other time, here's some more information. I haven't tried them all yet myself, it's on my to do list.
June 26th, 2019  
@farmreporter Not too many. I had my camera tethered to my laptop that was in my lap.
June 27th, 2019  
@overalvandaan No. I used an LED panel light.
June 27th, 2019  
And now we can also learn about split lighting. Very nicely done.
June 28th, 2019  
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