A Rock in the River by tdaug80

A Rock in the River

My get-pushed partner challenged me to use a slow shutter speed combined with minimalism. Finding an appropriate subject for this challenge was...well, challenging. I used my ND filter and a small aperture to get as long of an exposure as was practical. But still, it's just a rock.
Delwyn, I could have zoomed in on the rock (in fact I did in some other images) to make it more minimalistic, but also even less interesting. @dkbarnett
July 15th, 2022  
Nice shot
July 16th, 2022  
Thanks for doing the challenge. The 5 second shutter speed gives nice smooth water. I would be interested in seeing some of your other images where you zoomed in more. For this one I think just the rock and the reflections would be a great minimalistic photo - including the foliage on the left hand side, so the rock is one third in from the right? What do you think?
July 16th, 2022  
Hello Tim. We're get pushed partners this week. I'd like you to do a compositional challenge. Could you compose a photo that has a very different element in each of the four corners. You may crop if needs be, but try to get it "right" in camera.
July 17th, 2022  
@tdaug80 Hi Tim. I enjoyed viewing your photo album. I'm not sure, but like me, I got the feeling you don't take many photos with people that you do not know in the shot. So how about capturing a street scene that highlights a person. My favourite for this type of shot is a street performer as they can be willing subjects. Have fun.
July 25th, 2022  
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