Lead Singer by tdaug80

Lead Singer

My get-pushed partner challenged me to create a B&W "environmental portrait." She explained that an environmental portrait is a portrait of the person in their natural environment and tells the viewer something about that person.
There was a sidewalk festival in town to promote local organizations and businesses. There was some musical entertainment. As the title suggests, this woman was their lead singer.
Wendy, this was a timely challenge. I had just gone into town to take some photos of this event. I have a couple more portraits of the other band members that I'll post later. @farmreporter
August 12th, 2022  
I like the movement in her hair. Purist in me would want her mouth to be open singing......but that is probably just me!
August 12th, 2022  
@casablanca It's not just you. I have one of her with her mouth open, but it didn't have the hair movement. I had to pick one.
August 12th, 2022  
This is great, Tim but I am with Casablanca on this one. While a very nice portrait, it does not really convey who she is.
August 12th, 2022  
@tdaug80 Frogger, I looked up the lead singers t shirt and found out that she likes a wide range of music. I don’t know if you like the Ozomaltis however Google says they play a wide variety of music styles/genres.
For the guitarist photo of the band, I think he would have a lot of stories to tell, someone that would be good to run into on the sidewalk and start talking about local town growth and politics with. I would guess he is happy yet my impression was he is disgruntled.
September 20th, 2022  
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