Guitarist by tdaug80


My get-pushed partner challenged me to create a B&W "environmental portrait." She explained that an environmental portrait is a portrait of the person in their natural environment and tells the viewer something about that person.
Yesterday, I posted a photo of the lead singer from this group. Here, we have the guitarist.
Wendy, thanks for your comments on yesterday's photo. I appreciate your helpful critique. I still like the photo of the lead singer better than this one, but this one is a better response to your challenge. I don't care much for the distractions in this photo, but it does show the activity that the subject is pursuing.
Perhaps I can get out and create something today that is an intentional response to your challenge. These were just recent photos that fit your challenge after the fact.
August 13th, 2022  
The depth of field does bring separation of the subject from the background though so not too distracting.
August 14th, 2022  
I don't find the background distracting at all. I know the latest trend is to have a clean and minimalist background but I know that is just not always realistic.
This is an excellent response to my challenge! I much prefer it to your first one!
Well done and A FAV!
August 15th, 2022  
Tim you are such a talented and eclectic photographer, it's getting more and more difficult to find challenges that might interest you.

How do you feel about looking through the work of Andreas Gursky and either being inspired by his style or copying one in his portfolio? ( If you choose the latter, add a link to the wotk please)
August 15th, 2022  
@farmreporter It wasn't so much the background that I found distracting. It was the tent that almost chopped off his head, the post, and the head by his right elbow.
August 15th, 2022  
But you have put such good focus on his eyes and caught his expression nicely that those things are not noticeable at all!
August 16th, 2022  
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