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Update #3.......I'm BACK and have missed my 365 project!
Now 44, I find that I am taking the majority of my photos with my iphone. I have been perfectly happy with the quality and convenience of this little technological gem however, as of late, I have found myself missing my DSLR. Unfortunately, my Nikon D60 has seen a better day. The internal lens has been scratched in several places, it's OLD and pretty much unusable. I have been researching potential new camera options but, for now.....iphone shots.

I am 38 years old. I live in Southeastern Massachusetts and have been dabbling in photography since the seventh grade. I gave up on this hobby when everything started going digital. After all, this would mean that I would never again be drawn in by the smell of a dark room.
After a few years of protest, my husband surprised me with a digital camera for Christmas. I won't say that I haven't been "using" it ( I do get asked to "bring my camera" to most family gatherings to capture the moments) but, I really haven't ventured past the "auto" setting.
One of my New Year resolutions was to document my life each day through photography. I noticed that my Co-worker was posting pictures from 365 project on Facebook so I decided to check it out........since, I have never been more than 10 feet from one of my cameras! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for inspiring me to truly delve back into the world of photography. I am having so much fun!

Update! I have just completed my first complete year here on 365... I have also turned 39, but I digress. This project has well exceeded my expectations. It seemed to re-ignite my passion for photography, challenged me in so many unexpected ways, provided a document show-casing my life this last year.
Being a member of the 365 community has introduced me to so many wonderful and supportive people that I appreciate more that you know.
During the course of this past year I have also taken 2 photography classes which have expanded my knowledge of my (dinosaur) DSLR.
I find that now I am never without one of my two cameras perched and ready to capture snippets of my life.

I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

Update #2..... Unfortunately, I was a complete slacker in 2013. It was a very busy year and sadly my photography was placed on the back burner. There is something very cathartic about the new year. It's a time to say good riddance to the bad and welcome in the good. My 365 project this year will chronicle my days through the lens of my iPhone. So thanks for lookin' and I appreciate any and all feedback given. ~ cheers to a great 2014!