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I will start with the basics. I live in central Minnesota, but love to travel near and far. I love going to national parks or other beautiful places. I try to record what I am seeing, not only for myself for years to come but also for others who are not able to join me.

More about me...I am back to give this a second try. I tried the 365 project a few years ago, but was not getting out to take pictures on a regular basis. I have been shooting for over 5 years, but have always been pretty casual about it. But in the past year, I have recommitted myself. I have always enjoyed taking photos, so I have finally decided I want to dedicate myself to improving my skills.

I shoot mostly nature and wildlife - Flora, Fauna, landscapes, waterscapes, but have recently started to expand to a little more. But nature/wildlife will always be my primary focus. I currently just use a point and shoot, but am learning to use the manual settings. And once I have a better understanding of them I will be upgrading to a DSLR. My first several posted photos will be shots that I have taken over the past several years, but ones I consider to be my best. I hope you like them. I am always open to constructive criticism or suggestions. Please join me on my new endeavor and feel free to follow my project.