Simplicity by thedarkroom


Simplicity never equates to simple does it!
Thought I'd start my Dark Room with my nemsis, white on white.

Jackie @30picsforjackiesdiamond
Am digging the composure, negative space and high keyness (yes I just made that word up)! Cracker start to our project 👌
January 1st, 2019  
January 1st, 2019  
January 1st, 2019  
Lovely image Jackie :)
January 1st, 2019  
@merrelyn it is not as sharp as I'd like
@jacqbb v kind, thanks for the follow
@shellee thank you
@aussiechic29 love an invented word
January 1st, 2019  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond great image to kick off the new year and our new project. Digging the white on white
January 1st, 2019  
Just a great start for our project Jackie! It's certainly nailed the Simplicity theme, and the white on white nemesis! Are you using some of the PhotoArgus challeneg themes for your free weeks?
January 1st, 2019  
@robz and the Dogwood thing. Thanks Rob
@jakes I'm rubbish at wonw and despite using 2 sec delay it's fuzzy as if camera shook on tripod
January 1st, 2019  
Great start to the year, Jackie. Love a bit of negative space :)
January 1st, 2019  
Love it!
January 2nd, 2019  
wow jackie. just love this. you certainly nailed the negative space. and i'm not sure how you can say you're rubbish at wonw! i don't mind the slight softness either
January 2nd, 2019  
ps looking forward to following the darkroom :)
January 2nd, 2019  
I'm a huge fan of negative space. And this just rocks. Very elegant.
January 2nd, 2019  
January 2nd, 2019  
You hate white on white - you've made a cracking job here!
January 2nd, 2019  
@fbailey thank you felicity
@sugarmuser thank you
@mona65 very kind Mona
@pistache thanks for following us
@inthecloud5 thank you
@craigwantsnack and it made PP too!!!
January 2nd, 2019  
Woohoo! A great start! :)
January 3rd, 2019  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Such good news - will be so interesting to see the different interpretations of the weekly themes for each activity. You've certainly set the bar high with this one - it's a ripper. Cheers Rob
January 3rd, 2019  
Looking forward to what this group comes up with. Great start Jackie
January 4th, 2019  
beautifully done Jackie
January 7th, 2019  
I love how clean and fresh it looks!
January 11th, 2019  
@ira @annied @kjarn thank you all. Jackie
January 12th, 2019  
Well done, Jackie! What a way to start your Darkroom journey!
January 24th, 2019  
February 2nd, 2019  
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