I Used to Love Winter by thedarkroom

I Used to Love Winter

Not sure when I lost that love of winter. I'm sure that I must have held the wonder of the first snowfall, making snowmen and snow angels, and scraping pictures on frozen windows when I was younger. All children hold their tongues out to catch the first flakes of winter.
But I don't remember that.
What I do remember is the frustration of my mother as she had to dress three of us under the age of five in snow pants, jackets, hats, scarves, and mittens and getting hot in the said gear while waiting for the rest to get ready.
I remember that it is nearly impossible to run fast and freely in all those layers in deep snow. How awkward it is to get up when you fall in that snow because your arms sink up to your armpits and you cannot get a solid surface to push off of.
There is so much more work to be done in the winter, There is wood to haul in, fires to be stoked, ashes to be hauled out. The driveway, walkways, and decks need to be shoveled off. Animals are not on pasture and need to be fed.
Winter driving is no fun. The vehicles need to be cleaned off and windows scraped before you move a wheel. The sun is perpetually low on the horizon, blinding you at every turn. The roads are either slippery or coated in salt when they are bare.
Need I go on?
I am no fan of winter!
Wendy @farmreporter
Beautiful shot with the light on the snow. I loved winter in Idaho. We were able to ride slides on the big hills in the golf course. They would flood the little league fields for us to skate on. I moved to California when I was 10. So probably perfect timing.
February 22nd, 2020  
A wonderful capture and beautiful sunburst. I never loved winter in Germany.
February 22nd, 2020  
I've never seen snow, but I then I don't feel any need to! If I wasn't convinced I am now!
February 22nd, 2020  
Lovely to see the sun through the trees! It’s a long time ago that I saw this much snow live!
February 22nd, 2020  
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