Honey Bees by thedarkroom

Honey Bees

My echinops is adored by bees and hoverflies. I set up tripod (yep honest I did!), used macro lens setting on 300mm zoom, I had the remote shutter ready and waited. A little red symbol appeared on the live view screen, no idea what it meant, but it was RED, so probably a serious warning. The symbol was the shape of a thermoeter, my camera was overheating- as was I - so I stopped!!!

Hot photographer - Jackie
Brilliant macro!!!
August 11th, 2020  
Wow! That’s hot how long were you outside? No matter this is a fabulous photo. Glad you got it before your camera fell apart
August 11th, 2020  
Very nice shot. I love the comp.
August 12th, 2020  
Fantastic macro
August 13th, 2020  
@4rky thank you
@shutterbug49 I'm pleased with it too, just s tiny crop
@grammyn 20 minutes, but nearly middle of day!!
@jacqbb v kind thank yiu
August 14th, 2020  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond 20 Minutes at that time of day can seem like hours in high heat!
August 14th, 2020  
Really well done catching two of them at the same time. It is such a popular plant! And you can see the pollen on the legs so clearly.
Well done!
August 15th, 2020  
Fabulous shot!
August 15th, 2020  
@farmreporter camera club critique noted eyes not in focus.
@thedarkroom thank you friend
August 18th, 2020  
Yes - nothing like a camera club to be brutally honest!
And yes - you probably should have closed down your aperture (f-11 or higher) and increased the ISO to compensate. But - I still say if is a fabulous shot!
August 18th, 2020  
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