Flight 2324 by timerskine

Flight 2324

Delta flight 2324 from Atlanta is now arriving at Gate A4

This is, indeed, Delta flight 2324 from Atlanta landing at Richmond International Airport, just seconds before touchdown (the shot of the wheels throwing out a puff of smoke as they touched the ground was partially obscured by the terminal building). I got this shot from the roof of one of the parking garages.

The plane is a Boeing 717-200. The first time I flew on a 717 I thought how similar it looked to the DC-9/MD-80 series of jets from Douglas/McDonnell-Douglas. It turns out that's because it is a part of that series of aircraft. Boeing rebranded the MD-95 as the 717 when it acquired McDonnell-Douglas in 1997 (and there's your airliner history lesson for today...no charge).
Great focus and nice autumnal landscape. And you certainly know your aviation history!
November 22nd, 2020  
Great capture
November 22nd, 2020  
Great capture!
November 23rd, 2020  
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