Ready for planting by tinley23

Ready for planting

After almost two weeks of illness and barely leaving the house, it was lovely to get out for a local walk. It was only three miles and a bit drizzly, but I Loved it.
When you have been unwell a good walk is great. Hope you're feeling better.
October 5th, 2020  
Oh dear, take it easy Lesley. I was thinking about you because I remember you saying you were coming to the lakes but I hadn't seen any 'lake' photos.

Hope you feel better soon
October 5th, 2020  
@g3xbm @countrylassie Thanks both. We did go to the Lakes. We arrived on the Monday, Buddy (our elder dog) collapsed in Ambleside on Tuesday and spent that night in the vets in Windermere. We picked him up Wednesday and brought him home. Not much of a holiday sadly. We’re due back twixmas though for our usual stay at Mary Mount, so fingers crossed....
October 5th, 2020  
Glad you're up and about, take care though . Beautiful framing
October 5th, 2020  
Lovely framing.
October 5th, 2020  
It's good to hear that you feeling better. This is beautifully framed. :)
October 5th, 2020  
Glad you are able to leave the house again, I am sure a bit of fresh air will do you good :).
October 5th, 2020  
Recovery time is so important. Good that you were able to enjoy a walk and you have posted a lovely image peeping through the foliage.
October 5th, 2020  
Sorry to hear you haven't been too well. Hope you are feeling much better now.

Good that you are able to be out and about again.
October 5th, 2020  
October 6th, 2020  
So nice to blow the cobwebs away, glad you're on the mend.
October 7th, 2020  
@pattyblue Thank you
October 8th, 2020  
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