A Bush For Me And A Bush For You!  by tiredpanda

A Bush For Me And A Bush For You!

Day 121 - 31/05/20

So today is the last day of the half and half challenge. I'm a little bit sad as I've thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, although it has become quite hard as the month has gone on. It's made me take photos that I wouldn't usually take, but that's been really good food me. Ifeel like I've taken some really lovely, meaningful photos (see 14th,15th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and finally the 27th May) but at the same time some that I found were pretty boring it uninspiring (see 5th and 10th May). Overall I would definitely do this challenge again and I think I'll add half and half into my regularly used repertoire. Now let's bring on next month's challenge!

This photo is definitely not my favourite. I took the photo at the wrong time of day which made it very contrasted and just hard to see all the detail. I edited it as best I could and added a vignette, but I'm still not very happy with the overall image. No matter how much I edited it (and I'm novice-competent) I just couldn't get it to look decent. Do in the end I had to settle for semi-decen! Even now it's still hard to tell how different the bushes are. In reality the colour of the left bush is a yellowy-green, whereas the right bush is a darker red-green. Unfortunately it got too dark to get a better photo as I left it late in the day to edit. I've learnt my lesson and will check my photos once I've taken them from now on!
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