Asparagus... With Bells On!  by tiredpanda

Asparagus... With Bells On!

Day 127 - 06/06/20

About 4 years ago one of the produce farms near me was growing asparagus. During this time the birds must've carried some seeds and dropped them because shortly after I had asparagus growing in my back garden! I didn't know what it was at first because it only looks like (edible) asparagus during the first few days. Then it grows very very quickly in to this fluffy, fine, tree-like plant with bell like flowers on. Unfortunately it wouldn't be ready to eat for another year at least, as you have to cut it down for at least five years before it's edible. I'm not sure why, but that's what Google said!

Anyway, back to today. I've not been very well the last 4-5 days, so I didn't want to spend long outside today. It was also very cold and windy. I was trying to get a photo of the bell-like flowers, but as the branches are so fine and flimsy, the plant was blowing all over the place. In a moment of frustration I snapped a few photos, not concentrating on the framing or focus, and ended up with this. And I love it! It's brilliant how much this project is teaching me, especially when I turn out liking something best that I had no intention of taking. With this photo I love how I managed to capture the movement of the branches from the wind! I'll definitely try and capture this again at some point.
Love the bell shaped flowers.
June 6th, 2020  
This is a great photo. I'm glad you let your asparagus stay in your garden and didn't have it dug up. It's a very pretty plant.
June 6th, 2020  
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