My Broken Body by tiredpanda

My Broken Body

Day 260 - 17/10/20

Today's prompt is the word "body". My first thought went to my camera body. My favourite camera body is my Canon film camera which is my preferential photography medium, but as he was all packed away I decided to shoot my second favourite which is my Canon 700D. Unfortunately this camera is broken at the moment. I sent it for repair, but they deemed nothing wrong. I got it back and now it's even worse! I can't shoot looking through the screen, only the viewfinder. Also, whenever I turn the camera on auto focus won't work. I physically have to, on the lens, switch it from manual focus back to auto and then it works. But once I turn the camera off and on again auto focus stops working and I have to go through the process once more. As much as I would like a working camera right now, I think I'll wait until the new year when they're are sales everywhere. Maybe I'll get a better deal than I would in mid-October! Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to fix my camera, I wouldn't say no thank you to hearing them!

Footnote: that isn't dirt on the grip area! It's literally just wear and tear from old age!
Great idea for body. Sorry to hear about your camera problem.
October 17th, 2020  
Bummer about your focus issues... I have a Canon EOS R that is just over a year old and it has been sent back to Canon twice for focus issues... I still have the same issue... it just can’t find auto focus... manual focus still works though. Frustrating... thinking about dumping my Canon gear and getting a Sony.
October 17th, 2020  
I am useless when it comes to cameras but very clever shot for the word prompt
October 17th, 2020  
Very apt photo for your word prompt. Sorry you're having problems.
October 18th, 2020  
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